Fifa 2022 - A Part of My Inner Child will Die if its Canceled because of a Virus from China in 2019


I got this keepsake water bottle from a 7-Eleven in Canada during the Russian Fifa World Cup in 2018. I enjoyed the entire duration of the tournament, and even enjoyed the Russian touch to the classic Fifa atmosphere. I know what its like to loose on home turf, the Russians certainly out performed my expectations so that defeat late in the tournament was likely devastating after such a great run.

Special shout out to the Icelandic team that beat France recently in the Euro, thats impressive.

Fifa 2022

I wonder what will be in store for us Fifa fans in 2022, I certainly hope everyone was able to recover from the cold by then... It would be rather disappointing to be told the stadium can't be filled to both the host nation Qatar as well as myself.

I don't drink so going to Qatar, being alcohol free is irrelevant me and I am quit excited to see what a sports venue looks like liquor free. Knowing Fifa, they probably have special access for alcohol at the stadium, but who knows what will happen in such a unique country.

Do you think we will be free to love our lives without tyranny in 2022?