EURO 2020 tipping challenge: Croatia vs. Czech Republic

Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

EURO 2020 is already in full swing and I thought it could be a cool opportunity to host some special tipping challenges for your so here I am coming with the first one :)


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I didn´t have much time to really think the concept through so for now, let´s just make it simple. I am going to pick one game and you will just leave your guesses with the result of the game in the comment section below. After the match, I will go through all the entries and give my full upvotes on the correct ones. We will see how it goes.

Let´s start out with a game in which our (Czech) national team will fight for the qualification to the next stage of the tournament - the Group D match between Croatia and the Czech Republic.

The game starts later today at 6 P.M. (CET) so this is also the deadline for your entries. It will be played at a neutral site in Glasgow, Scotland.

As usually, just one entry per person and no editing. You can submit a guess that has already been submitted by someone else before if you want. Just make your guess clear so that it´s obvious what you mean. For example, you can write something like: "Czech Republic will win 3:2" or "Croatia - Czech Republic 1:0".

You can start submitting your guesses from now until 6 P.M. (CET).

Good luck everyone and have fun! :)

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