New stadium for Charleroi, a surplus for Belgian football


Belgium is a very complex country, things like getting a new football stadium built are very difficult over here. Anyone can try to stop such plans by going to court, which usually happens. For instance, Club Brugge is trying to build a new stadium for 15 years now. Still, not one stone has been laid.
There’s still hope it can happen as of next year.


But surprisingly, great news came from Charleroi, where advanced plans got released today, for a modern, state of the art new stadium to be built as of next year. In 2025 it should be ready. 20000 seats and a cost of about 70 million EUR. Amazing news for Belgian football, as infrastructure is our Achilles heel. Almost all stadiums are worn out and in devestating condition.


Finally some good news on that front, which will be an economic boom for the region!



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