Messi arrived in Bruges like a king!

Champions League debut for PSG

Bruges has a scoop tomorrow night, as Club Brugge receive Paris Saint-Germain as their first opponent in the UEFA Champions League, and subsequently also Lionel Messi for his first European game for PSG. The whole world will be watching Bruges tomorrow night, not for Club Brugge but for King Leo.


Today they arrived at their hotel and it was pandemonium, everything hermetically closed with police and private guards. Complete insanity really. But he, he is the king of football, right?


Fans tried to get a glimpse of the king, but it was completely impossible to get close to him…

Curious about the result tomorrow night, but I give Club Brugge about 1 % chance of getting a decent result against Messi, Neymar, Mbappé and others!



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