World cup biennial plans

The World cup is an international competition hosted by FIFA, The football global governing body, It is contested by its members from Men's senior national teams.



The world cup takes place every 4 years now there are plans to change that format and under the new format, It would be contested every two years,

The world cup biennial plans were brought forward by the Saudi Arabian football association earlier this year and it isn't the first time, in 1999, the former FIFA head sepp Blatter discouraged the plans,

Coaching great and former arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger who is in FIFA's chief of global football development advocates for the new setting saying that it doesn't take in account a player's age, A player may have the chance to play in 5 world cups if he gets his first call up at age 18 and it is not always the case, It shouldn't be a luxury.

Expanding the world cup was already agreed up on as the 2026 world cup which will be hosted by the US, Canada and Mexico will have 48 participants which is an increase as there were only 32 participants in the past, Qatar 2022 will have 32 participants.

The 2026 world cup is projected to break records in terms of attendance, viewership and advertisement deals.

It is all about the money

We have to take into context that FIFA gets most of its revenue from the World cup and of course they want to double their money derived from their most precious asset but we must take it account some factors such as quality, value and tradition of the tournament

Tradition, Quality and Value of The WC

When you compare the World cup to other major tournaments in sports such as the super bowl, UEFA champions league or Wimbledon which take place practically ever year, The World cup is at disadvantage and I think that's how FIFA analyses the situation, They can do it, why can't we do it?

The champions league is played every year, Football club compete for Europe's biggest prize and each year, Football clubs, players and fans have to hunger to play it and win it, All factors put aside why can't FIFA continue to be at disadvantages?

People from all corners of the world travel to the host nation of the world cup to experience it and it is a thriller, More people each year are introduced to air travel and it becomes part of their lifestyle so why can't FIFA take advantage of that, If they are sure to increase their revenues derived from fan attendance and commercial and advertising deals.

Football has been criticized in the past for not revolutionizing itself while other sports have, The usage of technology is a new thing to the footballing world and this shows a sign that football has been left behind on many fronts.

Too many tournaments

yes, There are many tournaments in football and they may lead to work overload, Players are not machines and eventually they will burn out but there are also some unnecessary tournament.

In my view, Friendly international games,The UEFA nations league should be scrapped, there are many international breaks in the ordinary club season. The new biennal world cup plans would drastically decrease international games and I am for it.

Unrepresented nations

It is not often said but the world cup favours the strongest teams but not all teams and all independent football governing bodies should get a fair share.

The UEFA and CONMEBOL, The European and south American football governing bodies have recently come forward and criticized the plans calling them an "unprepared and unviable" decision.

The CONCACAF, AFC and CAF which is the north, central and Caribbean football association, Asia's football governing body and Africa's football governing body respectively have confirmed they are open to the idea,

This idea will bring in new revenues and new opportunities to these football association which will undoubtedly increase their outreach, The club football is underrepresented and not economically attractive particularly in these football association which are open to the idea of a biennial world cup tournament, This will aim to change it.

**Is this another European super league saga? **

I don't think so, Many key stakeholders in the biennial world cup plans are already in agreement as opposed to the ESL which was unprepared to say the least,

This is not a takeover but a way to ensure that everyone is represented and the smaller nation if I may say that, They are championing this setting as it will give them new opportunities.

Fans all over the world are already in agreement with the biennial plans and FIFA wants member states to hold a vote on this by the end of the year.

Player's association are discouraging the plans as they don't want player burnouts but with further discussions taking place over time, This will bring clarity on the matter.

I personally think it will be passed but I would suggest a 3 year gap as the scarcity of the WC had also made it prestigious.

Feel free to share your comments about the biennial world cup idea, Stay safe.

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