Proposal for Advertising Changes

account = "sports-gov"

nodelist = NodeList()
nodes = nodelist.get_nodes(hive=True)
hive = Hive(node=nodes)

def transfer_token(to, amount, symbol, memo, account):
    he_wallet = Wallet(account, blockchain_instance=hive)
    transfer_tx = he_wallet.transfer(to, amount, symbol, memo)
    c = Comment(loaded_post, steem_instance=hive)
    c.reply(str(transfer_tx), "stake_tx", account)

transfer_token("patrickulrich", 100000, "SPORTS", "sportsads proposal", account)


Token use cases, also known as sinks, are one of the most important aspects of creating a successful token ecosystem. As new tokens are introduced to the market there needs to be a reason for those tokens to leave the market otherwise the market will be flooded and the value of each will fall as users have no reason to waste valuable assets on them. Fortunately Hive Engine has a great use case built into itself in the form of governance by allowing users to stake tokens to gain token governance within the community. This feature alone builds value in tokens to represent a users voice within a community.

When I enrolled in Hive Engine's ad program in 2019 I had hoped advertising would be a great token sink to compliment the existing token use cases. At the time we had daily impressions in the five digit range resulting in daily double digit ad revenue coming into the economy that helped to remove tokens from the marketplace. This was a very successful endeavor and resulted in lots of SPORTS being burnt from the market while it worked.

Disappointingly the ad purchases from our partner ended later that same year. I found it understandable at the time due to the ongoing conflict from the takeover attempt on the base chain. I understood that token burns would come second to securing the chain we all build from. Unfortunately as the chain stabilized here the timelines for when ads would be disbursed continued to be missed. I no longer believe they will be paid from the ad partners and would like to present an alternative solution.


The Proposal

I would like to end the existing advertising agreement that we have with Hive Engine that has them display ads for us. I would instead like to request taking over as an advertising manager for the site mainly as a way to ensure ads are working.

Thanks to help from @zoneboy I was able to connect with the team. They offer advertising payouts in Bitcoin which allows us to use them as the primary brokerage for advertising revenue that can automatically be deposited to Hive Engine in the form of swap.btc when it meets a-ads withdraw limits. This should create a new source of buy back or even create funds to hold for development needs.

If there are additional advertisers who'd like to purchase advertising space directly in the form of SPORTS I'll roll out an additional solution in the future. For now anyone interested can reach out to me via Discord and we'll get you added as an advertisement. Those funds will be paid directly to @sports-gov and I will take no portion of the funds.

The Costs

Since I'll be using the existing infrastructure from Hive Engine there are no costs associated with making this change. I would only request a refund for this proposal fee.

Proposal Refund (100,000 SPORTS)

I would like to add 100,000 SPORTS as a refund for this proposal cost.

Benefits to SPORTS has been displaying ads for over a year with no benefit to the tribe. This proposal will replace the existing advertising with ads primarily from to create a new revenue stream for the tribe to benefit from. Revenue earned from a-ads will automatically be withdrawn to @sports-gov's swap.btc address on Hive Engine when it meets a-ads requirements. These funds will be available for the community to use as they see fit via the existing proposal system.

How to Vote

@sports-gov will reply to this post with two comments. If you'd like to see this proposal pass then upvote the YES comment with any % upvote.


If you would not like to see that these changes implemented then please upvote the NO comment with any % upvote.


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