Liverpool Et Man City

Manchester City is the one that always stop Liverpool from wining the Premier league, they have been the only obstacle, but it's only in premier league, when they meet in other competions, Liverpool deal with Manchester City. Even in this season that just ended, Liverpool trashed Manchester City in Carabao Cup semi final. They first played draw in Premier league on April 10 and Liverpool later sent them out of Carabao cup on 16th of April 2022. It's only in premier league that Manchester City beats all clubs and most times, they find it difficult to beat Liverpool.

Manchester City beats all the clubs, some may not come easily but most comes easily but whenever they meet Liverpool, it don't come easily and there's no how they would avoid each other, they would meat at least in 2 times in Premier league if at all they didn't meet in other competitions and it's always a big match but comes to loss for Manchester City when Manchester City didn't play Kelvin De-bruyne. Only this midfielder have the brain to beat big clubs. That is why Althletico Madrid get him injured when they meet, they know he's only the key man.

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Even Pep Guardiola knows that absence of Kelvin De-bruyne is a problem for him, he has tried to use all the midfielders to his place but they didn't play like him, he saved Manchester City from loosing the premier league with an assist for Ilkay Gundogan in the last premier league match. Without Kelvin De-bruyne, there are other midfielders that Pep Guardiola plays at KDB place and they play well, although they may not be as perfect as Kelvin De-bruyne but Manchester City always find replacement even before their players go or drop form, there are players that can play in that same position.

Liverpool didn't have players like Manchester City do, and their replacement aren't even as matured as Manchester City's bench, and now that Sadio Mané and Mohammed Salah has been threatening Liverpool that they are leaving, I hope Liverpool won't find it hard to meet up to top 4 next season and I hope Liverpool won't be trashed by Manchester City as very well in the coming season if one or the two of these staffs leave. Although Jorggen klopp is still there but Klopp can't do it all alone, he need good players to do it with.

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