Intentional loss


To me, Stephen Gerrard stopped Liverpool from winning the league, if no so, he wouldn't have substitute Philippe Coutinho. From the start, Aston Villa did as if they really want to help Liverpool, they scored the first goal, but I know a goal can't be rely on while playing with clubs like Manchester City but when Coutinho scored second goal, I knew they really meant to stop Manchester City but the worst mistake Gerrard did was the substitute he made, he should have just leave Countiho and let him disturb the defense line of Manchester City, if he had leave him, the defense wouldn't have come out finish talk less of equalizing.

What Liverpool fans would see this as is that Aston Villa just want Manchester city to win the league in order to collect the add ups on Jack Grealish's contract because I've been wondering how 3 goals would come up within 3 minutes. It's just like a bonus goals for Manchester City because Manchester City even played in the first half more than second half that they came back to scored 3 goals within 3 minutes. In fact I don't know how to explain this for my children that Aston Villa has been ahead with 2 goals and Gerard substitute the play maker, won't it be obvious to the children that the coach intentionally loose the match?

Philippe Coutinho has played his own part, he played and score in order to win the premier league for Liverpool his ex club but he's not the coach, he can't say that he didn't go out when he was substituted I know that if he's on the field, Aston Villa may score more goals even if Manchester City score, the match would have result to draw if there's still a playmaker on the field that can disturb Manchester City defenders. We all know that Manchester City would beat any club that try to play defensive game with them, so it's not even what is explainable for Gerrard that he is trying to play defensive game for Manchester City.

You are leading with two goals and you later conceded 3 goals, not to talk of this kind of situation, is that's a real and good coach? Manchester City did what Real Madrid did what Real Madrid did for them in Champions league for Aston Villa in Premier League but to me, Aston Villa prefer to collect the ad ups on Jack Grealish than winning the match because if Manchester City didn't win Premier league, then Aston Villa won't collect any from Manchester City and Liverpool collecting premier league didn't even favour them in ant way.

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