Experience matters

Waking up in the Morning, I read a very funny news. It's just too funny to me because I can't believe Pep can be funny like that.


It's very funny as Joseph Pep Guardiola begs Southampton to please beat Liverpool 4-0 when they meet. But even if a club would beat Liverpool, it's not a club like Southampton due to Southampton and Liverpool's present form. Otherwise may happen, Liverpool may be the one to beat Southampton the 4-0 that Pep Guardiola begged Southampton to beat Liverpool when they meet.

It's a big shame for club like Manchester City to beg for a wining from club like Southampton to, and it's a big shame for coach like Joseph Guardiola to beg for winning. The question is why didn't he play his players to play to win or work it out before now? Despite how much materials (players) that Manchester City have. Manchester City is full of players with experiences, and now that their experiences doesn't fetch them anything than the premier league hope, what do we call it?

Being good is not enough, experience matters so much, experience is what help Real Madrid reach the last final stage, only the young players can't do it, Kareem Benzema and Luka Modric did it to the last stage and they are over 30 years of age now, before the Coach introduce the young players, the old ones must have worked very well and just finishing is what the young players always come to do, introducing young players has been helping Pep Guardiola, and he can only get that from the players that never shine much, even if they've played somewhere else before, it can't be much, so they can't get much experience.

Only Fenandinho and Kelvin De-Bryne is the one I know they have experience in Manchester City because they've been playing in UEFA competitions for long, others are young and new to Premier league matches and stress. You can't always right off experienced and big players and think you'll always win. Hell No! Because experience matters too. This is not Barcelona where such things can be done, this is Premier League, once they get to know your style, they'll beat you and you won't have choice.

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