Director Mbappe

The contract Kylier Mbappe signed with Paris Saint German is a confusing one that haven't been given to any footballer in the history of football, they automatically give the whole PSG with Mbappe to control, including the players, coach, even the board of directors because it's whoever he want to work with they would hire and sack who he choose not to work with. No player would ever want to have grudge or problem with Kylier Mbappe and this would bring problem for the whole club in the nearest future because no player would always want to be under his fellow player.


Even after Pocketino's work (Sacked or use his contract finish or resign), no coach would ever want to go coach at PSG because no manager would ever want a player to be in control instead of him. And as Pocketino and Mbappe have clash, we should expect Pocketino sacked very soon. Not only Pocketino, all the players Mbappe didn't like should get set to leave Paris Saint German soon. Even if Mbappe didn't make them sacked, if I were them, I would leave the club and find another club that didn't put their all on a player hand.

As Neymar Junior run from Messi's shadow at Barcelona, he would still run away from Mbappe's shadow at Paris Saint German because he won't ever want Mbappe be in control of him as he's not just ordinary player too, he's a world class footballer, it's just that he is too playful, he never serious while he play football, so as it is now he want Paris Saint German to sell him but I'm not sure Paris Saint German would ever want to sell him because he PSG want all the world class footballers to play in their club.

Mbappe is an arrogant footballer despite how young he is, the new contract he signed with PSG would definitely add more arrogant to his life because. Automatically, he is the order giver now.

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