Obviously, there are add ups for Jack Greelish and Aston Villa if Manchester City win premier league, but Manchester City denied that in public yesterday, they said they have paid all what Aston Villa demanded, which is the 100 million pounds but they didn't say that before now, so it's obvious that it's just a mind game, to push pressure away, maybe it's a mind game so that if they beat Aston Villa on Sunday, people won't think Aston Villa intentionally sell the match for them and we don't know what Aston Villa and Manchester City has been saying underneath.

It's not only Jack Grealish that have clause in his contract, even Diego Jota do. Liverpool moved Jota from the same Wolverhampton wanderers but they won't pay the money at once, they first paid 14 Million pounds and later pay some which I didn't remember but they are still yet to pay the rest and once they win the Premier league, they have to pay it all. With this clause, I hope Wolverhampton wanderers won't also leave the 3 points for Liverpool in so as to pay them for the Claude on Diego Jota.

If Liverpool and Manchester City aren't in this premier league cup war together, we may not even remember or talk about the add ups and conditions but the condition they are makes us do researches and know some things that we didn't know before. I like this kind of conditions, most especially this one because it gives me more inspiration to do researches about football and know what to write. Ninety percent of Liverpool's faith is in Aston Villa hand and Aston Villa would collect add up from Manchester City, the work is just in Gerrard and Philippe Coutinho's hand because they would prefer Liverpool win than Manchester City.

Even England FA has promised to provide two cups, one in Etihad and one in Anfield but the one going to Etihad would be original while the one going to Anfield would be counterfeit and they would send presenters with them. Reason why they would send Original to Etihad is because have 90 percent assurance because they are leading with a point, they avoid using helicopter 🚁 the way they did years back when Sergio Kun Aguero scored additional goal for Manchester City.

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