Arsenal won both first and second half


Both the first half win and second half win belong to Arsenal, so the gamblers that gambled the match in support of Arsenal are in money now because the Odd that they would give to Arsenal winning in both either half would be so much because what people would predict most is Arsenal loosing to Liverpool but Arsenal played with determination and they won, it's not because they played more than Liverpool because Liverpool had the ball possession than Arsenal, it was the first half that Arsenal played better than second half but the winning Spirit in the second half help Arsenal won the match, it's not because they played more than Liverpool.

There was even a time that Arsenal tried to play with the midfielders and that is where things really gets bad for Arsenal and Liverpool equalised the second goal and before things gets worst for them, they had to change to the wing side they played with in the first half and gave them first half winning and as Liverpool seems tough at the defense line, when they were so much pressured, they committed penalty which Bukayo Saka scored and gave Arsenal wining that add three more points to Arsenal's point and move them back to the first they are in the premier league table before Manchester City win on Saturday. Even Manchester City would see Arsenal as threat now.

Days before the match, Jorggen klopp was interviewed, in his words, he praises Gabriel Matineli and Bukayo Saka, saying the club is full of young players and of course the young players are the ones that ruined Liverpool, so Klopp praised right because the kids really did wonder in that match. They both scored the goals, Gabriel Matineli scored the first goal and did assist for the second goal and then Bukayo Saka scored the the penalty worked out by Gabriel Jesus and Arteta has no reason to attack again since his boys are already leading, so he had to add more strength to the back by taking out Martin Odegaard and introducing Keran Tierny.

There was a minute that Liverpool wanted to start playing robust football in the midfield and that won't work well for Arsenal because Liverpool is stronger than Arsenal in everything and that was the only time that Liverpool played very well because they played robust football and as Arsenal know that it can't work for them, they started Launching ball and played physical ball like Liverpool themselves, so technically, Arsenal played the same style with Liverpool but it seems Arsenal wingers are the one that are too hard for Liverpool wing backs to hold down and the midfielders Liverpool believe in aren't too hard for Granit Xhaka and Thomas Partey to handle.

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