Arsenal is still leading

Nobody want the way the premier league table is presently than Arsenal. Arsenal really love it as Liverpool trashed Manchester City, even if it's not with much goal but it's still 3 points and Arsenal is so glad as Manchester United denied Tottenham Hotspur from moving closer to Arsenal as they beat them with 2-0 today. As the bottom keeps beating the top ones, they won't be able to meet Arsenal that sit at the top on that Premier league table. Arsenal is leading the table with four points difference from Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur because Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City have the same points but Manchester City is leading with many goals.

Manchester United know how to beat the big clubs, they beat Liverpool first, in both Pre-season math and premier league, and then they beat Arsenal, it is only Manchester City that they lost so many goals to and it's because they didn't respect the club. Imagine Manchester City that beats Manchester United falling in front of Liverpool. premier league is the most crazy league, the Liverpool that beat Manchester City that was trashed by Arsenal. The same West Ham united that Manchester United could not beat was trashed by Liverpool this evening. Although that is why they call it league, there is always ups and downs and if things seems not right for any club now, it may be right back in the second legs.

From the big clubs, many big players would go for the World Cup and the more the players go is the more the club would have money due to the money that FIFA would give to all players that would participate. The amount is like $10,000 (Ten thousand dollars) for each but it's not about the money sometimes, it's about the damage that it would bring to the big clubs because the players would be so stressed and tired before they return back to their different clubs and the club would still have to play them because that's what they are being paid for, so then, the small clubs would start beating the big clubs because the small clubs players are still intact and strong.

I've been thinking of what would happen to bug clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal Chelsea etc because it's almost all their players are going for the World Cup, most especially Real Madrid so as Real Madrid is leading the table now, as Arsenal are still leading now is a good thing for the clubs, so even if their players couldn't be strong enough to play well when they arrive from the World Cup, they would get back on their feet with time and things might not have get too spoil, so even if they loose their place before, with time, they might return back to the position that they used to be.

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