Arsenal help Everton


Arsenal contribute in Everton's present position. Arsenal's winning. I could remember December 6, 2021 was premier league when first legs was still on, Everton beat Arsenal with 2-1 scores, that is 3 points already, if they didn't have that point last year, they might be in the bottom of the table. Arsenal scored the first goal but Everton equalised in second half and still won at die minute. Today, if Arsenal didn't beat Leeds United, Leeds United would have been in that position (number 16) that Everton is presently because if they played draw match with Arsenal, they would have 35 points and if they win, they would have 37 points.

Not only Arsenal help Everton, Everton help themselves as well today because if they didn't beat Leicester at King Power stadium, they wouldn't have add point, they would still have 32 points if they played draw match against Leicester City and if they loose, they would still have 29 points they had before this weekend match. Everton refused to relegate, but it depend on how they play the few matches because the three clubs that are in number in relegating position; Leeds United (34 points) Watford (22 points) and Norwich city (21 points) would find look for their possible best to leave that position.

When it's almost the end of the season, League got crazy, good example of crazy league is Premier league, where position competition gets more tough. Even number one and number two (Manchester City and Liverpool) never know the position they would find themselves at the end of the season, but no one can take the positions (first and second) from them, it's just that if Manchester City loose one more match, they would find themselves in number two and see Liverpool in the first position and if Liverpool loose more match, then Manchester City would win the league maybe a match before the end of the league.

Even Chelsea don't have choice than to find how to secure that position (number 3) they are, they have just two points ahead of Arsenal that is in number 4 with just a point, so if they play one more draw and Arsenal win, then Arsenal would take the position from them and make them fight for the fourth position with Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and West Ham united that are also desperate to be in fourth position. The key to hold your position in premier league now is for you not to loose any more matches, else, someone is behind you to take it because those positions aren't with much gaps.

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