Youth With Experience.


The last time we have young players who dominated and carved a name for themselves must have been during the Era of Giggs, Scholes, Beckham and the Nevilles but what we are seeing with Arsenal is a repeat and most people don't understand this yet.

Arteta knows what he is doing and I have to say that he is a smart coach even though he has his moments too. I enjoy watching this youthful Arsenal side even though Arsenal isn't my team but I love the perfect blend of youth and experience that Mikel Arteta is giving us in the Premier League.

Who would have thought that Eddie Nketiah would hit the ground running as fast as he is doing right now? A lot can be achieved when you give young players the opportunity to thrive and you saddle them with responsibilities. It doesn't mean that they won't make mistakes because they would but they have the older ones there to give them guidance.

The rise of Saka is another thing that intrigued me about Arsenal. A lot rests on the shoulder of this young player and I think last season, he singlehandedly helped in winning games for Arsenal. His ability to beat his marker, and give them a run for their money with his blistering pace and also the trickery of his feet to lose his marker makes him deadly.

Eddie Nketiah knows how to get the goals as exemplified by how he closed down Meslier of Leeds when the two teams met. He rushed the goalkeeper and forced him into error as he guided the ball into the back of the net. That's the awareness that a young player with a lot to prove can give you. It's not surprising that Alexander Lacazette hasn't made the cut for the starting berth for a long time now. Yes, he has the experience but Mikel Arteta knows that he needs young and hungry players up front while using the experience heads to steady the midfield area.

Martinelli is another exciting player and I am happy to see Martinelli start the game with Eddie Nketiah. I was discussing this with someone in the comment section last week when we spoke about Martinelli. He said he preferred Eddie Nketiah upfront since Martinelli can play from the side. I would say that it's a perfect combination to have Martinelli on the side and Saka on the other while the young poacher and technically gifted Eddie Nketiah lead the lines. All three players are fast and hungry and with the right service delivery, there is no argument that they can punish any team that wants to stand in their way.

Nketiah is not shy about trying his luck and that was what worked for him against Leeds when they won 2-1. A lot of people might not understand what Mikel Arteta is doing with these young guns but they would understand it over time when they come so good and grow so used to playing with each other more.

It's one of the many reasons apart from how fickle Tottenham can be, that I said Arsenal would clinch the top 4 ahead of Tottenham. If Chelsea is not careful, Arsenal would upsurge them and take their slot in 3rd place. This Arsenal side are young players with the perfect blend of experience. They are all hungry and this is why Sir Alex Ferguson achieved so much with the young side back in the day. Mikel Arteta is so smart to try and replicate that right now.

With the pace of the Premier League, I think this is what you need; youth with experience but only if they are willing to work as hard as these Arsenal players and also willing to prove themselves, unlike Manchester United players who have nothing to prove other than the fat checks they cash out from their banks. I've seen a lot of Premier League teams who understands the dynamic of blending youth with experience. I support what Arteta is doing and getting results against Leeds United who are fighting for survival shows how ruthless Arsenal can be after they saw Tottenham drop points against Liverpool.

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