Manchester City Won't Look Back - The Wounded Lion.


Manchester City lost the grounds they gained earlier in the season, thanks to a series of bad results which saw Liverpool gain a lot more points to close the gap after we all thought that Manchester City would be running away with the title. Manchester City put themselves in this position to be looking over their shoulders and I doubt they would make the same mistake twice.

It's bad enough that they have dropped out of the Champions League and maybe they are using that pain to make sure they give their all in the Premier League. Newcastle United found themselves at the receiving ends of a thrashing at the hands of the wounded lion; Manchester City. They didn't only thrash Newcastle United by 5-0, they did it in style in front of their fans that were left hurt after they somehow slipped up against Real Madrid in the Champions League.

I don't know how things would shape up for them going forward but I believe that they wouldn't want to give room to another collapse with Liverpool breathing down their necks. Tottenham did them a huge favour after they held Liverpool to a 1-1 draw. I knew Manchester City would be ruthless against Newcastle United but I couldn't be so sure either since a defeat like the one against Real Madrid can go either way. It might cause them to start having a series of bad results after being dejected or it can fuel them to give their all and never allow that feeling to resurface. It looked like they did the latter and now they are sitting pretty at the top of the log with 3 points ahead of Liverpool. That 5-0 victory over Newcastle United gave them the advantage as well if goal difference would ever be the issue to determine the title and they have 4 goals better than Liverpool.

Manchester City would be ruthless in the remaining 3 games and I doubt they would take it easy against any opponents since they have everything to lose if they allow another moment of collapse. I would have to say also that I pity those they would be up against before the season runs to an end because they are wounded lions...they would do anything to redeem their pride and heal that would.

They would be playing against Wolves - who managed to draw against Chelsea over the weekend, also West Ham, who wants to fight to stay in Europa League since the Champions League is now a distant dream and Aston Villa who I would say enjoyed a mixed season under Steven Gerrard. In all truth, I don't see these three teams causing Manchester City any problem as they would win all three games to secure the title.

Liverpool would be playing Aston Villa next and I expect them to win that so they won't lose further grounds on Manchester City. The major concern is they have a Cup final against Chelsea before their trip to Southampton. I know he has an abundance of talents where he can rotate his teams but he would want to put his best team forward in the Cup Final. If the game dragged to extra time and penalties, it would take its toll on his players who would have to play again against Southampton 3 days later. This can also have a bearing on their title charge but I still expect them to win against Southampton. Their last game would be against Wolves which I also think they can manage to do.

As it stands, the path is clearer for Manchester City than it is for Liverpool which makes it likely that Manchester City would hold this 3 points advantage to win the league, come the end of the season. There is still a lot to play for, 3 games or not because in the Premier League, a lot can change quickly and upset is still on the card for any team. The wounded lion still wants to roar again as they march for their title charge.

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