Would Ronaldo make United's Future?

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For the first time as a United fan this season, I saw a match and I was very much interested in United Manager's decision. Sincerely, I was expecting Chelsea to rain some painful memories on United last night but surprises aren't that far from football.


Observing the first 40 minutes of the game, Chelsea player United so much and from that point, I was expecting them to win even with clean sheet, for me, It also happened that I couldn't appreciate Bruno's performance at all, and to some extent, I personally feel it could have been a more interesting match for United if only Sancho were available in the match.

Alonso's early goal in the second half almost kept me in a position where I already believed that United had lost the match already. Within beating around the bush, Alonso's goal yesterday was one of a hell volley for me, one of those goals you can easily say no goalkeeper could have saved.

This season, I really have been feeling so much pity for De Gea because to me it always seems like he's always the man of the match even if United loses the match. He made five crucial saves yesterday and to me that keeps talking about how much of a flop the whole defensive wall United has is.


Now, I sincerely do not know what to agree upon when it comes to Ronaldo being a long term player in United from now. I can of feel it would be among Ronaldo's plan to retire at United but with the speculations going on that Erik wouldn't want him at United next season is what I really do not understand yet.


Do you think Ronaldo should leave or still be with United next season?

Personally I think I'm a bit confused because I am a huge fan of Ronaldo but I also understand the point if Erik doesn't want him in the foundation of the team he wants to build but currently, I feel Ronaldo is still the best result United had gotten this season but nevertheless, I know it can also be hard to get the best out of the likes of Rashford and Sancho with Ronaldo on board.

Whatever happens with Ronaldo in United, I'm sure I can always be fine with it because he'll forever remain the club's legend no matter what.

His goal last night was another prove that he isn't done with football yet and I felt that should be a reason enough for United to still choose to keep him for as long as they can but sincerely, would a team like United be fine if Ronaldo is being benched on many occasions? Perhaps he doesn't get to be in the teams starting line up anymore, would it be something even the fans can accept? I personally don't think so though.


Funny how I haven't accepted Ralph as a Manager since his arrival at United but for some reasons I really can't highlight, I did saw Ralph as a Manager yesterday but then I still got to understand better how important it would be for United to have him as the Sport Director rather than the manager.

I can't say but I am convinced that as the sport director, Ralph would do well and United would definitely grow stronger!

All pictures are snapshots from highlights on YouTube.


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