Why is United Not Scoring Goals?

As a United fan, it wasn't really the kind of win we wanted, United should have scored at least 4 goals.

There was so much seniority claims from United in the first half and I personally thought there were going to be more goals in the second half but then it was more like the most vivid problem with Manchester United at the moment still emerged in today's match.

With the likes of Anthony and Sancho and both wings, I don't see know reason why United shouldn't be scoring more goals yet but at the same time, the whole thing seems to me like it's all part of Ten Hag's plan a philosophy to guide the team on the pitch.

I noticed we're now more conscious of keeping the ball within ourselves by throwing out more short and accurate passes to gain more confidence and possession which is fine but I think the same thing is really affecting our hunt for goals.

The DNA of the United I grew up to know always has this crazy craving for scoring goals rather than keeping the ball away from the opponent for too long and that sounds more like a pretty defensive move to me.

Perhaps the whole mechanism would change in no time, it really has to change though because we've got to score more goals and not it's obviously not the fault of one player but as the result of what the whole team is playing on the pitch.

The careful game United is playing is actually not so bad but it's not so good for our kind of team. The Manchesters are known for scoring goals.

On the real occasion, the main objective isn't to win with clean sheet but to win with more goals but now with United it seems like we're so much careful that we just want a little win that has to come with a clean sheet.

Imagine Ronaldo without a penalty tonight, we would have just won the game with a single goal? I think so, or perhaps go home with a draw against Sheriff.

Just a flashback to the first UEL match against Real Sociedad, we could have scored goals, we could have at least secure a draw but goal consciousness the team has on the pitch is really low at the moment, the team needs to channel more fore, interest, and consciousness to scoring more goals.

Imagine playing Manchester City with this kind of Philosophy, do we even stand a chance?

I think it would be dirty party for United if they'll be playing Manchester City in few weeks with this same philosophy and why?

Manchester City at the moment has one of the most dangerous attacking force in the whole of Europe at the moment which means it would be a serious work to hold them back from scoring;

And now it isn't about just holding them back because if we choose to play City with the same careful philosophy we've got at the moment, the best result we could get is a draw and that's not really a good threat from my own stand point.

We really don't need much too, we've got a very brilliant attack with so much creative possibilities from Sancho and Anthony, so why stress the midfield?

I've been seeing so much from Bruno and Erikson lately, that's actually beautiful but then, we need more highlights from Antony and Sancho because these are our easier links to scoring more goals.

They are creators and fine finishers at the same time.

In conclusion, it wasn't a bad game tonight at all and at the same time, I do trust Ten Hag, he's a very observant coach and he's done well to convince me on that by benching Maguire back to back since his arrival as the club's coach.

For now, I would only be hoping to see United in another formation where Antony and Sancho would have at least 80% control of there flanks leaving both Dalot and Malacia to making productive crosses whenever they are on the attacking zone of mode!

All Images are snapshots I took while streaming the match.


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