What a Pleasant Season for the Milan Brothers.

Happy Weekend Friends and Lovers of Football, 🤗

As a huge lover of European football, ever since I had started paying crucial attention to this aspect of sport and soccer, I had only read about how great AC and Inter Milan use to be, and watching some historical clips seeing the likes of Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ibrahimovic, Eto and many more played their best of football at these two team kind of makes me think that they ought not to have fallen do deep behind like they have in the last decade.


Since 2012, Juventus had been claiming it back to back until last season Inter Milan had it to themselves, and I think that's a way to say that the Milan Brothers are gradually getting back in shape.

I had always seen and heard people say that the Seria A league is quite difficult but personally, looking at the runs Juventus has had over the years, it makes it quite difficult for me to place any serious differences between the Seria A and the German Bundesliga. Just the way Bayern Munich keeps the long title run, the same way Juventus does in Italy too.

I know people would say that doesn't make the league less tough and after all, there was a time Manchester United was having the cruise in England which I can't agree to, I think the longest title run United had was four in a role, and let's compare that to what we can see in the likes of the Bundesliga and the Seria A with major focus on Juventus and Bayern Munich.....

Does their winning stats bother you as a football fan at all?

Enough of the digression, I would love to dwell on the upper hands the Milan Brothers finally got this season, looking at the Seria A table currently, I am totally convinced that none aside from AC Milan or Inter Milan can claim the league title this season.


Napoli just won their 36th match some hours ago and that's technically placing them behind the Milan Brothers by five points couple with the fact that AC Milan still has a match to catch up with.


For me personally, I feel Inter Milan has no reason to lose any of their two matches left considering the nature of the fixtures left and for me that's a huge advantage

Peradventure something shocking happens, Inter could draw one of the matches to win the other but losing any of them isn't something visible to me at all. Although Cagliari still has a chance to escape relegation if peradventure they win against Inter but I personally just feel the best they'll be able to secure would be a draw.

Sampdoria on the other hand isn't so far away from relegating too but if Cagliari losses to Inter first, I feel Sampdoria could be safe but that'll a very slim one to think of considering the fact that Sampdoria would still be having the likes of Lazio, Fiorentina before Inter, it's just a very tough one for them I must say.

And maybe it won't be so difficult for Cagliari knowing fully well that Inter Milan is the only Big Dog they'll have to face in their last three matches.

Now for AC Milan to claim the title, I do think it quite tougher compare to that of Inter considering the fixtures ahead.


Verona could sincerely be a walkover for AC Milan but then, I do not see Atalanta coming easy at all knowing that they'll be trying to secure a qualifying space to either the UEL or Conference League which at this point is their biggest priority.

Whichever way all these works out, I'll just be happy that I am not experiencing another season of Juventus claiming the title again like it's her birth right! 😂

All pictures are snapshots from highlight video and livescores application.


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