Vinicius Jr. Turns Beast as UCL Births Surprises with Records.

It's now so obvious how European football is drastically changing. Many underdog teams are making striving to make themselves relevant in the bigger picture and for more than a season now, Westham United are gradually succeeding in proving to the world that they are more than an average team in EPL and in the European football space at large. That's so interesting!

Have you seen what Vinicius Jr. Is made of recently?

I'm sure the 21 year old market price should be quite above $100M now. Before this season, I had always been a fan of the Brazilian but the only satisfaction I get while watching him play is the fact that he has pace and he knows how well to use the ability alongside his dribbling skills but anything about direct contribution to goal, I really don't trust him there but then, he could always be the initiator of the attack but his finishing decision was so poor then.

Have you watched him these days?

Just before this season starts, I shared some of my personal views with some few friends I talk football with, and I sounded with a conviction that if Hazard and Bale won't pick up a good form this season, though Benzema can always score goals but it would be difficult for them to be the biggest threat in the league like they use to be.


I said all that then having the mindset that Vinicius and Rodrygo can't do well with handling the 7 and 11 positions well and to keep creativity available and healthy for Benzema but then, it's been a huge shock for me. At first, I believed it was just a short time thing that he would pick up the good form for maybe two weeks of few matches and fall behind again but no! I had to go watch what he's made of now.

Vinicius, since I've been watching him, I have seen him have issue with confidence but finishing and watching him now seems like he had gone to take some great lessons on goal orientation and boom! He's either here or there, he's either scoring or assisting.

He has successfully scored 7 league goals with 2 assist this season and he also has 2 goals and 3 assists in the UCL already. I have no doubt, if he continues like this, it would be difficult for a fit Hazard or Bale to keep him on the bench.


Manchester United and comebacks, Ronaldo and die minutes lessons!

As a fan, it happened just like I predicted it. I knew our best result in Italy would be a draw because Atalanta would surely be more aggressive than United in every manner. One thing is to lose a match, another thing is the manner at which you lost it.

The manner at which Atalanta lost at Old Trafford in the first leg was very insulting and with that experience, I knew it would just too difficult for United to getaway with a win in Italy.

Don't you think Bailly is much more better than Maguire?

This has been the trending debate online since the match in Italy and sincerely, watching what Bailly played in the match, I personally would prefer him to Maguire. Bailly sometimes errors but many of this errors are mostly on the attacking face and not on the defensive line. The worse I've seen Bailly do on the defense line is either picking up a Red card or causing a Penalty but the sloppy mistakes from Maguire can be very unbearable.

I just hope Ole would find it worthy enough to risk pairing Bailly and Varane to keep Maguire on the bench this weekend against Manchester City.


Manchester City did fairly well against Club Brugge at Etihad. They've not be so spectacular this season at all and it could be dangerous if it would make United relax and play them lightly over the weekend.

Few matches back and the just concluded one against Club Brugge shows that the major strengths City has is in Foden, Mahrez, and Grealish. Even Kevin hasn't been the best of himself so far in this season at all. All these doesn't imply thag City is a bad or weak team already but it only births the feeling that United could triumph over the weekend.

All pictures are screenshots from various highlights.



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