Vardy is Back, Yet Chelsea and Everton seem Saved!

Hello Friends,

I can imagine what almost everyone around here is currently going through considering the drastic fall in crypto market in the past few days, there has been a lot of speculations about what is really happening but with time, we'll definitely know the truth.

I think it would be accurate to say injury had the best of Vardy this season and it technically affected Leicester City so much because if he were totally available, the team might be among those fighting for a space in the top four but this season surely had it tough on them.


Vardy has been one of my favourite EPL strikers since Leicester City arrival to the EPL in the past few years and sincerely on my part, he has never refuse to deliver for Leicester City as one of their best players every season.

Watching him yesterday again with his fantastic and not easily predicable goals made me feel like he still has much to offer but for an English Striker at 35, it just seems like it's all over already but with Vardy, I always perceive more like I do with the likes of Lewandoski, Cavani, and Zlatan, maybe he's not as big as these guys but he's definitely not a waste in any team.

It's glad to have him back and fit for the next few games left for this season, and it would really be lovely to watch his close collaborations with Maddison and Teilemans in the LCF.


Since the margin within Chelsea and Arsenal became just three points, there had been so many speculations that Arsenal could or would overtake but ever since, I still believed Chelsea was never going to leave the third position and as it stands now, I can boldly say Chelsea won't!


Aside from the fact that Chelsea had a sound win last night, comparing Arsenal's and Chelsea's next few fixtures, I just feel it's easy to say Chelsea is practically unshakeable and that's because Arsenal would be playing Tottenham tonight and would also host Everton on the last day of the season, that's sincerely going to be a tough one, even to keep Arsenal in the top four.

What's you take of Everton's current position?

Everton secured a draw against Watford yesterday and successfully emerged ahead of Burnley and Leeds with two solid points. The situation makes it seem like Everton is safe but I personally, I still feel they are very prone to danger considering the fact that Arsenal is still on their radar.


Aside still having Arsenal on the radar, Brentford and Crystal Palace are definitely not going to be walkover matches for Everton. I hope it's all plays out well for Lampard and his boys!

And what if I say, it's certain Everton isn't going to relegate?

I guess that would be a very strong declaration but I said Everton are still prone to danger which is true but how visible is it for Leeds United to survive relegation this season. Leeds would be taking on Brighton and Brentford respectively, I personally do not think Leeds can win either of these matches and for me, that seals my declaration of Everton not relegating this season!

All pictures are snapshots from highlight videos on YouTube.


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