United keeps hope as Liverpool seek Vengeance!

Good Day Friends and Football Lovers, 🤗

To be sincere, I am not one of those fans with the hope that United can still make the top four but at least, I believe we could still lead the UEL qualification list in EPL, that's also under maybe!


Firstly, I was quite impressed by what I saw United played against Brentford, going by Brentford's stats against big teams recently, it was really difficult for me to believe that we could have won the match not to talk of having to score three goals and conceding nothing, it was a huge surprising result for me.

Why haven't we seen Juan Mata in action for these long?

This was the question I'd been seeing flying around since the victory against Brentford but, I personally loved his performance against Brentford too but I still wasn't that convinced that he could have been a solution to United's problems during the mid season.

Mata isn't a physical player and for me, I think playing Mata means that there has to be defensive midfielder who is a good fighter behind him. Matic use to be a very good one and he really tried against Brentford also but he's aged and not to be relied upon for too long I guess.

It would really a tough season ahead and I hope United wouldn't make any more silly mistakes with signings anymore. News has been flying around on how even Newcastle United is drastically going to be turned into a beast team due to the funds available for the club.

Well, I believe that's another way to say EPL would be hot as hell next season and the fight might eventually go beyond top four this time and probably become top seven race.

If Erik would make us proud at Old Trafford, I believe it's going to start with his decisions in the next transfer window.


I don't just know, but I am still curious and yet asking myself on what note would Erik or United as a whole decided to let go of Cristiano Ronaldo this season?

It's just seems like a very tough decision for even me as a fan, how can you just tell such an active legend to leave? Just how?!


It's funny how I had seen Liverpool in the final right form the moment I heard they were to play Villareal in the semi finals.

The way it seems now, tonight is going to be a very massive one but somehow I feel the final would be an all English one and that's even what I wished for but sincerely, it's really difficult to eradicate a team such as Real Madrid in this competition and in this particular stage. Shall we consider experience? Players or Manager? It's not just so easy to say Real Madrid can't qualify until the match is finally over.

For Liverpool last night, at first I was really scared because Villareal played to so much confidence in the first half and camped Liverpool in a way I never expected but then, Klopp is such a great manager!

The second half of the match was everything and that's just all I can say about the match, and maybe this would be a warning, but I would love anyone and everyone concerned with EPL to watch out for Luiz Diaz next season. That guy is going to cause a lot for headache in the EPL next season, trust me!

All pictures are snapshots from highlight videos on YouTube.


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