More Pressure on United As Ole Departs.

The Saga that has surrounded Ole's managerial job in the last few months has only help me to realize, believe, and understand that in football, as much as the fans are important, the loyalty is important, tee good personality is important, business and results are much more important than the others.


The manner at which he was sacked showed that truly that club wasn't really ready to take his job from him but on the other hand, the team has had so many bad results in the past few weeks that are quite understandable but losing out to Watford by four goals to one is just not acceptable. The players don't want their boss to leave just like some fans too because Ole is got a great personality, but if we should be real, I don't think Ole did had or has any tactical approach to football as a coach and that has caused him this much.


It was a beautiful thing that his personality kept even more legends of the club to be so close and friendly with him. I remembered that I had once told a friend while talking about football the Ole is a Coach that's all about his players playing thier bests for him but maybe he never realized that even without tactics, as a coach, you have to be able to motivate your players whenever they lose their confidence and Manchester United had lost this confidence for some months now while he (Ole) still couldn't revive it.

At some point, he appeared clueless even on the pitch. I see no reasons why a player like Van De Beek should be on the bench within this crisis. One thing about trying to build up the confidence of a team is that, sometimes it lies in the beautiful play of one player and others just get to emulate the same spirit in no time.

Van De Beek isn't just a tough midfielder, he's a creative one too and for more then two months, United has been playing with less creativity from the midfield which had left the likes of Cristiano, Greenwood, Rashford, and Sancho to always find a way to run back and fight to win balls and that's more like playing defensively.

Though they lost but the first 20 minutes of the second half against Watford kept me happy and sparked some hope in me because Van De Beek created some beautiful chances but then, Cristiano who was quite frustrated as at that point couldn't do much with some of the creatives from Beek. That's all in the past now, let's keep watching what the future holds!

Announcing Micheal Carrick as the caretaker of the club in the meantime isn't a surprising move, I personally like many other people knew it would be like that considering the loads of matches available within the next five days.


I watched Michael's interview yesterday and I love the fact that he wasn't saying much of his plans yet. It all sounded more like him leaving us all to see what he's capable of on the pitch while matches are on. Personally, before I would make any comments on Michael, I would love to see and watch his pitch philosophy tonight and on Saturday and they one would know if he'll be staying longer than we fans can think of.

United are with no doubt still scouting for a good Manager and it's known that all their favorites aren't available at the moment even though some of them are very much interested in the job. I personally can't say yet on who would be taking over next as the head coach but my major concern now is Michael succeeding tonight as against Chelsea in the weekend.

I know these are really tough fixtures for Michael at the moment but we wouldn't blame him if it all goes south but at least, we should be able to enjoy the game like it use to be in United's culture!

All moves and motions to Spain tonight!

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