Manchester United Turns A Sleeping Lion After Two Recent Defeats.

For the first time, I am coming out in full confidence to say Ole Gunner Solskjær isn't a good manager for Manchester United at all. I don't know hew a manager of a big team in EPL would think he can knock Westham out just like that after having them observe a very terrible and hurtful home defeat.

Yeah! Westham is a small team compared to Manchester but due to the nature of the game and what had happened in the EPL few days before the match, it's only rational to expect Westham to be more aggressive and determinant but why?!


As it is now, United's problem is definitely not lack of players nor quality but it's just the lack of tactics and I personally think all fingers are currently pointing to the door for Ole Gunner. I'm not just sure United would be willing to sack him at the moment but on the other hand, I would personally feel so pained if United should observe the whole of this season without a trophy.

I read something and I'm not sure if it's true or false. It states that Ronaldo actually begged Ole to be chanced in the match last night but Ole refused. I can't really explain how much pained I am with the result Manchester United got from last night's match.


This was the lineup for yesterday's match and it was a huge turn off for me. The midfield was totally a big shit for me. Paring Mata, Matic, and Van de Beek was just not a right thing to do against a team like Westham. Westham would always play physical and these players in Manchester's midfield aren't strong enough to make physicality count in a match.

Do I really hate Martial?

No! It's just Ole's lack of tactical approach in matches that has always made it seem and sound like I hate Martial which isn't true. Martial is not just a player to be used the Gunner does and that would always render him less effective in many matches.


Lanzini had his first goal against united last night, that was a good thing for him and Westham but a painful experience for Manchester United. I was hoping that at least if Ole could just claim either the FA Cup or the Carling Cup but then, losing out this early in the competition was and is just so painful!

That United would or could win the League title or the FA Cup isn't something I can even boast of at the moment as a United fan and why? Because Ole Gunner remains the manager. To be sincere, I feel if United would take up any big manager with the current team, it would be tough for United to escape a season without a trophy. Imagine Mourinho, Zidane, or Conte handling this current United don't you think winning trophies even this season would be a certain thing? I bet it would!


Though we lost the match but the likes of Lingard and Greenwood really impressed me. We sincerely had a penalty but since VAR isn't available, I don't think it's something to take so seriously. So far since last season, Greenwood has been my favorite Manchester United player. There is a way he makes his presence known on pitch and his level of confidence is something that can always beat almost any defense.

I've you noticed Lingard's shots on target these days? The young man has really improved on his attacking and scoring skills and that's something we need to applaud him for. I feel we should all conclude and have Ole Gunner out of his seat!

All pictures are screenshots from the highlight from last night's match.



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