How Modern Football Keeps Affecting Manchester United.

I guess the right thing to do at the moment if to first apologies. I've been away for too long and that's because I've got too many things to attend to offline but I'd been following the football flows and I thought to share some of my views again since I've got some few hours to spare today.

The European football has been so interesting and even more interesting that I used to know in the past few weeks. Even with my busy schedules, I did tried to see so many matches in order to see what's really going on with other teams and not United despite the qualities the club has acquired.

Based on my finding and discoveries after seeing some couple of matches excluding Manchester United's matches, I have cone to realize that there is a particular trend the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea had been flowing with for some seasons now but United hadn't.

What I observed and call the modern football in the EPL now is the act of playing all winning matches from the defence line.

There use to be a time in the EPL when we have defenders and appreciate them by them just marking well and clearing all dangerous balls but now you guess what?

Now the modern football fan depends that defenders including CBs aren't just capable of marking and clearing balls but holding and building up possessions; Why?

Have you watched Manchester City closes?

Have you considered how much Pep spent on defenders alone?

It's all because of this new philosophy guiding the modern football. All defenders on the pitch much be confident enough to hold the ball, push forward, and make fine attacking passes.

I have seen this in Manchester City's team considering the likes of Walker, Cancelo, Dias and more. These guys are more then just defenders, they hold the ball the most throughout the match and they create more passes and that's exactly where the strength of a team like Manchester City lies.

Same thing goes to Liverpool having Trent, Van Dijk and Robertson. All these guys own the match and the fate of the match mostly depends on their performances.

Now comparing my observations on these other teams to my precious United, I can easily say we've got so much to attend too.

I've asked myself so many times, for a team with so powerful attack as United, why is there no confidence in the team?

Apparently our defenders are just defenders and nothing more. Under Ole and Ralph we had the same set of defenders and I could agree that it was and it is still the same problem.

Now with Erik we now have addition of Martinez and Malacia who are quite confident and more of a ball holder and user. Dalot is now trying too but I really do not have much on all these guys that is enough to say I trust them to grow to the point that the players with the other teams I mentioned are presently.

I really see United coming of stronger as the season goes by but there's still a big work to be done trust me!

All Images are snapshots from highlight videos on YouTube.


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