France tops the group as Portugal struggles to qualify.

Euro 2020 has been with so many surprising occurrences, even though the competition is still very much early, there has been some results that were quite unpredictable on a rational note.

Portugal had a beautiful start and a great chance to have sealed their chance to qualify so early, they had a 3 - 0 win against Hungary in their first match while Germany lost to France by 1 goal to Nil. If only Portugal had at least secured a draw against Germany some few days ago, it would have been more like a certainty that they would make it out of the group state as at least the 2nd.


The early goal Ronaldo has for Portugal made someone like me thought it was going to be a very tough match which would probably end up being a draw but then, I really can't condemn Portugal so fast, it's really a difficult thing to concede two own goals consecutively and not get worried and embrace panic.

It was just so painful that Portugal gave Germany so much room to lunch so many heavy attacks, well, that's what Germany has been known for for ages and trying to beat Germany shouldn't be by defending. Portugal's manager made a mistake that didn't tell so much in their first match against Hungary and he repeated the same mistake only for him to be disgraced against Germany. How do you play against Germany without a standard No 9?


Portugal's manager made the mistake of playing Ronaldo, Bernardo, and Jota upfront though these players are fast and beautiful scorers but playing against a teams like Germany, I personally felt it would have been a great game in favour of Portugal if only he had started his available No. 9. Andre Silva of Frankfurt in Bundesliga isn't a bad striker at all, if only he has use him and then keep Bernardo and Ronaldo to the wings, having Jota on the bench for a late sub has always been a good move for me, Jota is a player that come on pitch when defenders are tired, to create havoc but he starts for Portugal and gets lost in the game so easily. Even though Jota contributed to the two goals Portugal had against Germany, I personally didn't see much for him considering the whole minutes spent for the match.

Even though I'm a fan of Portugal in this current Euro 2020, I feel it would be very hard for them to make it out group stage except if they appear "lucky" against France or gets lucky to see Hungary pull a very strong string against Germany which I don't think would be possible.


The match between France and Hungary some days ago was really a thing too, I never expected France to lag in that match at all. I saw the match as an already win for France but for Hungary to have been able to defend their early and single goal for that long, I knew it would be difficult for France to secure more than two goals in that very match.

It was a kind of match one can't easily get tired of, France kept lunching heavy attacks but Hungary never left holes in their walls until they began to appear tired in the second half. Just take a look at how happy the supporters for Hungary were for them to have secured a draw against France, it was really a big thing for them and a huge slap on France face, but it's football and funny things happens at times.


It's the last match and it's really going to determine so much in this group. A match o would definitely watch is that one of France vs Portugal, I am sure both teams would put in all just to make it to the next round. Not to be too confident, I am sure Germany would make it to the next round and France would be happy to secure a draw against Portugal. Portugal has nothing less to do than to win against France if they truly want to defend their title as the previous champions of Europe.

At this stage, who do you feel would win the Euro 2020?

I'll be glad as usual to read all the comments below, just kindly share your views and thoughts towards what's left in the ongoing tournament in Europe.

All pictures are screenshots taken while streaming the matches.

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