Dirty El-Clasico at Bernabéu

it's another day for football talk!

I've actually not been a fan of El Clasico since the Cristiano's departure from Madrid and having Messi leave Barcelona too almost made it seem like all is going to be boring in the El-Clasico but then....

Actually, Benzema and Vinicius performances so far this season and the new arrivals at Barcelona made me interesting in the El Clasico and sincerely, I was deeply shocked by the final result!

I don't really like making excuses for a match lost because a player or some players didn't get to play but due to what I watched and saw in the match, I want to believe that the result would have been something way different if Benzema was actually available.

I watched Vinicius played like he had Benzema and the linkup wasn't there as Rodrygo couldn't play the No. 9 position like Benzema does and Vinicius was back to what I use to know him for which is to run with the ball and eventually give it away.... Lol...


This Aubameyang's second goal, I really do not understand what went wrong there but I still feel the goal was offside but its all gone now. With Xavi being Barcelona's manager, I wasn't shocked to see them with the ball possession by 60% but the inexperience displayed by Real Madrid's defence was something I didn't get to understand at all.

I use to be of the opinion that Militao is a promising player and he would eventually continue Ramos' legacy at Madrid but I guess I thought wrong, this young player has made so many silly mistakes and I really do find them annoying for the fact that I believe that he should have understood better after all, he also played along side the big guys (Varane and Ramos) before they left. A typical example was the goal Mbappe scored against Real Madrid in the UCL recently, I see no reason why he would have given such a fast player such space to be active, just so inexperienced! I can always trust Ramos on that!


During the match, Aubameyang and Dembele really impressed me and Aubameyang's performances recently has had going back to reviewing what actually happened between him and Arteta in Arsenal because I don't think he's a player Arsenal should be willing to lose but sometimes football can be really funny and unpredictable.

When Aubameyang was with Arsenal earlier this season, it was a huge struggle for them and he wasn't performing any better too but take a good look at life now, he's at Barcelona reigning just like their main man and Arsenal is equally doing fine. Could we say he was Arsenal's problem and then Barcelona's answered prayers? It's just all funny and unpredictable!


Real's tall goalkeeper took an award before the match and gave a feeling lime he wasn't going to concede any goal during the match only for us to see much balls in his net. Well, I would even blame him for any of the goals instead, I think I'll praise him because he actually had some lovely saves during the match but problem and pain just still lies with the Real Madrid defenders and precisely Militao, I feel if the matter isn't taken care of, the guy he's definitely going to cost Real Madrid so much on the long run, especially in the UCL.

all pictures are snapshots from highlight videos on YouTube.


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