I made it to 200k sports

I collect a few different coins, the main ones I collect are LEO, SPORTS and HIVE.

with SPORTS, I have decided that I would try to earn sports without buying any, and see how much I can earn.

I am now already upto 200k, its taken a few months, but all I have been doing is consistently posting actifit each day, and staking my sports tokens when I receive them.

I have also been participating occasionally in the sports engagement program run by @amr008.sports

what does 200k sports give me?

every time I have a vote of 40 sports (20 for me and 20 for the author) so I tend to upvote Actifit posts so I can collect the sports.

What can I use sports tokens for?

I haven't seen many use cases yet except for maybe curation. I would really love to be able to buy things with my sports tokens, like sporting equipment perhaps one day someone might do that.

anyway I will keep posting, and keep curating, and eventually make it to 1m. It might take until the end of the year to do it, but I am determined to get there!

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