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It is amazing how people will try to find other explanations for this huge upsurge in athlete deaths 2021 in order to avoid the answer that is staring them in the face.

I'd say its more amazing that people look at some rather dubious 'statistics' and jump straight into a causation/ correlation fallacy.

I won't attempt to persuade anyone with conclusions here, I'll just leave you some thoughts to debate and digest.

I used the word 'dubious' in respect to the given statistics as there is absolutely no definition to the numbers presented.

Are we looking at people under 30 ? over 12? Men and women? And while I touch on this, you'll notice the list is all male except one. Is this because your vaccine theory only effects guys or is it because mostly guys do sport?

Many of the sports are different, do some require more physical effort than others? There is no baseline for you to create a valid argument!

The other point is, without examining death records of every one in the world who died, we don't know who has died during a sporting activity or not and we have no idea of underlying health problems.

The fact is, that for many people, until they saw Christian Eriksen keel over, they had never given people in sport who might die, a thought, and now its pushed well into the public psyche and there are many more publicised reports to read up on. Eriksen factually had not been vaccinated, but looking down the list presented to us. we don't know about most of those cases. Some of the people on that list weren't even partaking in a sporting activity at the time they were taken ill!

As for statistics on sports people dying from heart issues, there re very few available but you may wish to consider this report and its key conclusions from 2016. This is NOT a new phenomena, only a more widely reported one.

Finally, a real-life anecdote.
My friend Carl was 24 and had a known congenital heart defect from birth and despite warnings all his life to be careful, was a keen hiker and scuba diver. In 2008, On a gruelling hike around Chiang Mai his heart just gave up and he died before help arrived. He didn't make the news as thousands of other such cases don't. (If you want his full name and link to verifiable details, hit me up on discord!)

In the US alone, it is estimated that over 1million children live with some form of CHD.

Whilst I'm never going to claim the vaccines definitely have zero effect or are the silver bullet they were claimed to be, I absolutely denounce the usual headline hysteria and unfactual, badly (if at all) researched pseudo science surrounding this particular issue.

As we discussed once before, my objections are always about the presentation of information which is done in such a way to sensationalise it because we all know, that far too many people in this world create lifelong held beliefs from simple headlines without researching the background information or context for themselves, due either to laziness, lack of ability to do so, or a combination of both!

Hope I find you and your family healthy and happy, counsellor and best wishes to you :-)

@edprivet, this is kind of an answer to your reply too mate, sorry for being lazy but I'm shit at organising my thoughts into words so this is the best I could come up with for now! Apologies from you are not required.
'Opinions are like arseholes, we all have one'. Therefore I conclude, we're all arseholes together lol ;-)

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