NRL Grand Final may have ended but the game rages on.


It's been about a week since the 2021 Australian NRL Grand Final ended which saw the Penrith Panthers defeat the South Sydney Rabbitohs 14 - 12. As a nation some what in lock down it was great to see crowds attend the Grand Final. We watched the game with little miss and she has since been hooked and can't stop talking about it wanting me to teach her how to play. I have to admit as a Victorian I don't have much Interest in NRL. Our states game of choice is Football (Aussie Rules Football) and as you've come to see Soccer.

We have the privilege of being a member of an A Grade Victorian Club Grand United FC which little miss really enjoys repping their colours.


But it was the half time entertainment that drew in little miss the most, I have to admit it wasn't anything compared to the AFL Grand Final but the AFL has had some shockers in recent years like when they procured meatloaf to perform live and he failed miserably butchering his own song. Or the time they got Tom Jones and he song his rendition of Delilah which caused some controversy. Which, I'm not too certain occured first in Australia or in England and perhaps in defence of his song Tom Jones played it at the AFL Grand Final. Either way, it was an odd song of choice as Australians you're more likely to hear Daryl Braithwaite's Horses. Delilah was probably herd by many for the first time. After all, a song about a bloke stabbing his Mrs isn't something that would be beneficial for a sporting match needing to be pumped and primed for a game.



So here we are, watching the NRL Grand Final opening act and Timmy Trumpet comes on. It's an epic song, I love this song so does little miss. It's probably the only song Timmy Trumpet is known for and people are cracking it over the song and selection. I thought it was awesome! Anyway, because of this little miss now wants to play NRL or at least thinks she does. I'm not raising an NRL player, sorry I draw the line. In this house it's Cricket, Soccer and AFL. But like a good dad off to the part we went to learn.

In an almost identical (not really) sporting awesomeness of Tayla Harris who has been immortalised in bronze for The Kick little miss was almost a natural. Having never kicked a football or NRL ball in her life she managed after watching me twice connect the ball.


They weren't even a one off strike, no they were continued kicks. I mean nothing to call home about and my kids going to be the next Brianna Davey, but she might be. I mean I was totally expecting a day of holding in frustration as I continue to try and teach Lil Miss how drop the ball and kick it. I've watched other parents try and teach their kids, the hand, foot and eye coordination is challenging for even adults to do yet here I am getting beat by a 4 year old.

So how did we fair with tackling? Lil Miss loved the part where you could pick up the ball and run with it. I got no idea about NRL rules so I wasn't going to try teach her, we just rolled with it.


She got a little tired of trying to beat me so decided to play with another little girl but the little girl wasn't to keen to get in on the action and bailed. So there we have it, little miss has dived right into another sport picking it up in an instant.

Have a great week everyone!

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