Leading the pack


Absolutely proud dad moment as we enter the second session for this year's little Legends program with little miss Absolutely smashing the field leading with total ball control.

I have to admit I'm proud and shocked at what is unfolding right before my very eyes I had no idea how this year was going to go and lil miss has definitely turned it up a few notches with her abilities and skills.

She's taller than the rest of the girls so has longer leg length which means faster on the field so as the ball rolls out she can move around a lot quicker and also reach in to grab the ball without it impacting her centre of balance or limiting her position all that much.


You'll probably notice that today's pictures are taken from a bit further back than normally that's because training was set further back to limit destractions and keep the kids focused.

I've found from my own viewing that the boys teams tend to be more focused and concentrate on the ball when training where so the girls at time will walk off and get distracted.

Today being a bit further back on one of the other fields I found worked a lot better with the girls and I know little miss put in more effort in training.


It really did help and brought the best out of little miss who had no challenges with targeting the ball and getting to it first each time and then being able to travel half way down the field to her goals almost unopposed.

She is quite competitive and always wants to be the best at everything so it's funny to watch her get mad and go harder when there is someone around who is better than her.

Healthy competition is good and helps with great development, boosts her confidence and really gets her going. We're only second session back and she is showing signs of improvement.

I rekon we may have a future national team player in the making if she keeps up at this pace which I'm sure many dads say the same thing about their kids.


She had quite an eventful day today after soccer too with not one but two birthday parties to attend and she was excited about them so maybe that gave her the additional strength and stamina to get through today's session.

Either way she's an absolute beast the last two sessions and I hope she keeps it up.

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