Last Season of Georgie's Little Legends before joining the Women's Team


It's been a pretty a pretty fun past two years in the Georgie's Little Legends at George Cross watching little miss develop her soccer skills and create new friends. Friendship she will cherish for much of her life no doubt.

As a parent I sometimes loathe getting up early on a Saturday morning but one can say it is a first world problem having to wake up to take ones kid to community sport. But it is something I really enjoy doing and I know it means a lot to little miss.


Having watched little miss develop her skills has been a great thing and I have also watched her become more in tune with the game. We had issues at the start where she would run off and not play but it is something the other kids would also do mainly because they are young. But as the months moved on they became more focused on playing and learning how to play soccer.


The main focus was developing coordination and getting comfortable with the ball something that little miss has really been building over the past two years.

I used to be her biggest fan but now that little bloke is getting older he is very much on the side lines cheering and getting excited whenever little miss has the ball and can't wait for his turn to play.


This weeks training was more focused on team verse team where the skills developed over the past few years get rolled into one and the girls start focusing on playing actual matches and trying to score goals as well as deflect people trying to score goals.

It is also the final year for little miss in Georgie's little legends as next year she will hopefully be joining the girls team and will be training twice a week with weekend matches against other girls teams.


She has grown quite a lot over the past two years from pretty much being a toddler into a grown little girl, time goes so fast and I can't believe the rapid growth not just in the game but in all aspects of her life.

She has learned quite a lot of skills around team work, discipline and patience which is why I got her enrolled in soccer to begin with. I didn't know how it would turn out but I know it is something she wanted to do as we would come across often to watch the other kids play and she would always say she wanted to too.


So chances are next year I will become one of those dads on the side line cheering on their kids as they take their club to all new levels!


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