Home training while in COVID ISOLATION


After a lengthy two week school holiday break which also sees Georgies little Legends have a break as a lot of people often head off for the holiday period it was back to soccer training. Although we had a slight issue as my household recently tested positive for COVID and while I was lucky to escape the positive tests it ment that the wife and kids were all in 7 day isolation.


Living a short distance from our club comes with many benefits but also a negative, the fact we can hear the games and on a Saturday morning when we would be training and can hear everyone practising. It also ment little miss was up bright and early wanting to head off to train but couldn't.

So we decided to keep with the training schedule and have our own practice session in the backyard and this ment little bloke could get in on the action also.


Fortunately I have some kids goals laying around that we never set up and it was time to Swipe away the dust and set them up in the backyard for some goal keeper and striking fun.

Little miss wanted to hone her skills on blocking the ball as it is a position she isn't often given due to her hight and long legs she is a fast runner and quick with the ball. Once she has control of the ball she's running down the field and all the other girls can't keep up. For this reason she's often utilised on the field.


First up on the scene we had little block who literally breathes and sleeps soccer and I tend to think he is the future star of the family. Where little miss is enjoying soccer I think she prefers the social side of the sport more than the actual game. Which is fine and it has been a great skill builder and she really does love playing.

But at this stage, I think future goals of wanting to play internationally or state wide might not be on her cards as she is starting to drop off a little bit and that's fine. I am glad she enjoys it and has a good time.

But little bloke is quickly picking up the skills at 1 years of age and is already showing signs of wanting to take it further by keeping up with his sister.


She thought she was up for an easy defence as we practiced goal keeping and while I went easy on her, her little brother wasn't having any of it and he wanted a goal.

It wasn't long until he landed one which set her off in a little bit of disappointment getting beat by her younger brother whom only a few months ago learned to walk!

He was pretty proud of himself and knew exactly what was going on and how impressive his achievement was but little miss, eh well what can we say?


All in all we had a wonderful training session and little miss showed off her soccer skills and kicks as well as some really good ball control which I might add is probably alot better than this old farts skills.

She can't wait to get back on the field next week and I can't wait to see what she'll do. Maybe she will surprise me and take the sport further.

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