George Cross FC Awards Presentation and x3 growth of women teams


Good day sportstalk social peeps I hope you've been well and winding down for the year as we enter into the Christmas season. I haven't provided an update in some time on the progress of Georgies Little Legends as they were a little repetitive so decided to wait until the awards ceremony which was delayed due to COVID. However, I am happy to report that we have finally made it to the end with some great news to boot!

How the Day Started

This is it! The moment we've all been waiting for after a year of interrupted training which left a lot of the kids on and off the field they finally got to put their new found skills to the test.

I have to admit it's been quite the challenge to keep little miss focused on training and playing the game without a set routine due to COVID. Some weeks a lot of the kids arrived only to sit on the bench and colour in. This was a common issue experienced by many families because it took an entire year to participate in just ONE season.


The match went really well for under 5s with many participating for the majority of the match despite the hot dry summer weather. I can't say I was keeping track of goals scored because by the end of it the kids had a number of balls on the field and it was every kid for themselves as they launched balls at the goals.


After the game it was time to head in doors for the official awards presentation which had a significantly great turnout despite the barriers experienced due to COVID only about 4 kids didn't attend but given it was a 30 degree Celsius+ day I'm sure they're we're probably at the beach enjoying the cool water and a swim.


Presentation ceremony went for a little while as the kids got to come up to the front and take a photo with their coach. Lil Miss got to sit up the front with her best friend and enjoy a meal the kids fav chicken nuggets and chips.


There some really good numbers this year in relation to girls enrolled with previous years the club having issues establishing a single girls team. An issue experienced by many sporting clubs in Australia as we still have significant gender imbalances in this industry.

However, this year the club managed to establish 3 girls teams with an under 7s team that will go onto play professionally against other sporting clubs.

Now that COVID is weening away and the dust beginning to settle I'd anticipate next year's season to be a lot stronger and provide a better routine for the kids and who knows you could be seeing the early stories of International champions!

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