NFL: Great Start for Kansas City Chiefs

The Champion naked to a weak Houston defense in his first game

The NFL season began, with the super favorites Chiefs triumphing over the Houston Texans, a game that was even in the first half but as the current champion advanced, he was picking up pace, showing a solid running game and although it is not one of Their best offensive versions ended up scoring 34 points, while Houston's defense never looked good, nor did their offensive line, JJ Watt, the most important man in defense ever found on the field, totally neutralized by the Kansas offense.

Houston, despite starting out winning with a 19-yard run, David Jhonson, who recently joined this team for DeAndre Hopkins, was the most prominent of the losers, but the bosses responded when Patrick Mahomes with two touchdown passes on the First half. , the champions showed their offensive power thereafter to dominate the game and take a 24-7 lead, moving all their pieces they armed their offense with several players first with Travis Kelce, then with Sammy Watkins, who scored a phenomenal touchdown in Diving head first, Clyde Ewdars-Helaire who ran more than 130 yards and a touchdown, the rookie was very impressive, he had an excellent game being a sensation and together with Mahomes he would give him the mvp of the game, the only thing I see is who is a A short but talented player, Patrick Mahomes rushed for 211 yards and 3 touchdowns, showing his leadership and finishing the game's touchdowns.

Very good feelings left the rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire, always active on offense

With each of them, the offense was doing a lot of damage to a defense that could not find a way to stop them, the Chiefs win this first game very easily if we take into account the possession of the ball, the Texans had it for 35 minutes while the bosses had it for 25 minutes, which speaks of how bad Houston was in defense, the champions begin their defense with this victory against their 34-20 fans, we must bear in mind that the teams are not yet 100%, Houston has a lot to correct if you really want to compete.

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