Results from Game No. 381 - Damned International Breaks!

Let's get up-to-date and sort out the prizes from Game 381 because we're are now in yet another stupid International break. Apart from the finals, I have very little interest in watching International games.

They are usually dull and turgid affairs although having some Leeds interest does force me to watch. Sadly though, even that little spark is lost this time as both Kalvin and Patrick are injured and so all I can do is count the days until we're back in Premier League business on October 16th.

Anyway, last game we at least picked a good one which was the game between Liverpool, with their multi-tasking manager/referee, Jurgen Klopp and the biggest team in Manchester, Manchester City.

Despite City being on top in the first half, Mane got the first goal about on the hour mark and a huge cheer went up from @jersteemit who got the whole 6000 token pot! Well done to you mate.

When the final whistle blew, despite the draw, there was just one winner of the correct score and that was @emeka4 so well done to you mate! You're having a good run my friend! 5000 tokens are on their way to you.


An HBI share each goes out to @pthker2010 and @hirohurl, congratulations guys!


Not much else to say really! I'll be just twiddling my thumbs for a couple of weeks until we start again so best wishes to all of you and thanks for playing along as always.

Marching On Together


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