My First Post In Sportalksocial

Dear all sportalksocial fans. I am interested in the platform after reading some posts. There are many good posts about sports. I am not a martial arts artist, but I like martial art. I learned Kyokusinkai 13 years ago. I did not finish the training. I got a green belt.
Though, I did not finish the karate training, I like martial arts so much. I like to read about the history, the founders, and the techniques. I have a son. He likes karate too. In covid crisis, my son has never been to karate training, but I hope the crisis will end soon so he can join the karate training again.


a martial art fan

In the community, I like to present some stories about martial arts in my country and around the world. I may use available youtube videos to present my stories in the future.


Today, I do not practice karate anymore, but I like to do stretching and warm up with karate movements. The movements take up my energy and burn my calories a lot. Do you like martial arts too? I also like to watch MMA. I hope martial arts will be an interesting topic on the platform.

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