ATP Erste Bank Open. Jannik Sinner Beats Opelka and Extends his Winning Streak.

Jannik Sinner Predator.

Hello lovers of the sports world and @sportstalksocial, it is impossible to take your eyes off one of the tennis players of the moment; and among so many personal stories that frame the lives of tennis players within the circuit, it is pleasing to see constancy in a young player and that this is one of the top representatives of the (so mentioned) Next Gen; of course I refer to the Italian Jannik Sinner, who comes from winning this Sunday in Antwerp, his fourth title of the season with one and he did it with a remarkable display of solidity and having reached a new level in his game.


It was precisely that sure way of defining difficult plays and situations of adverse scores, which has characterized him since last week in Belgium and it seems that this new way of predatory tennis has been engraved in his DNA. Today he has faced the American giant Reilly Opelka, who strangely after climbing to the top 20, has been dropping a few places, to be located in the 27th position of the ATP ranking.
So, although mathematically there was a notable difference between 11 and 27, Opelka's offensive style of play is the perfect gauge for the level of his rivals.


This is how we framed ourselves in the first round of the Erste Bank Open, ATP 500 category tournament to be played on the indoor hard court of the Wiener Stadhalle in the Austrian capital; and although Jannik arrives with his hand on fire in Vienna, at the beginning of the match the difference in the sound of the ball hitting and the bounce of the ball on the court surface (this when compared to the European Open in Belgium) was noticed in the TV transmission. However, the approach of the clash of styles of play, was given from Reilly's first serve.


It was admirable to see a Sinner with great courage, receiving that powerful serve, which even looked like a whip from the giant of 2.11 meters. And then handling that unusual spinning drive to the outside, because of the angle from which Opelka hits the ball. Jannik's racquet looked like it wanted to cry with every block hahaha, but Jannik has matured, this kid has impressed me and I see it's no fluke his performance on Sunday. It is the product of years of training, preparing and playing against the best. The amazing thing is that this kid just barely turned 20 years old.


A first set in which Sinner uses his racquet as a shield, and that little by little is adjusting his returns; it is incredible the ability to place those shots so close to the net; and as if it were an expert, Jannik identifies Reilly's weak point (his leg speed), so he decides to play side to side and using a good topspin so that the ball has low bounces, away from the reach of his rival. A break in the fifth game would open the way to win the set with a 6 - 4 that did not correspond to what was seen on the court, in only 33 minutes.


The second set was less close than the previous one, with Jannik breaking his opponent's serve twice and showing a total offensive against an Opelka who was unable to read and counteract the Italian's rhythm at any time. A 6-2 in 31 minutes sums up the dominance of the player born in San Candido, who in the round of 16 will face the host of the tournament, the Austrian Dennis Novak, who is ranked 116th in the ranking. Jannik wins the first match against his friend Reilly categorically and starts off strong in a tournament that smiles on him in the first round.

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