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Greetings to sport lovers 🙌
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I'm a very different person when it comes to football preferences, and this has made a lot of my friends wonder how local I am for not following what's hot. A typical example of this is how I keenly follow women's football, and I get looked down whenever I talk about female football.

This goes along with my preference for selecting a favorite club...

I noticed that there are just few clubs in circle that people support and it's very clear that people support these clubs based on the influence of their friends or people around them and more also, they support these clubs base on their winning histories...yeah, everyone wants to join the winning team...why can't we support a neutral club?🙄

I like being on a different wing, which is why I became a fan of Leicester City. Up till now, I'm yet to meet a Leicester City supporter in my country, it seems I'm the only one and I like it🥳.

How and when did I joined Leicester City?

Yeah, someone once told me that if I'm a Leicester City fan, that means that I've recently became a fan of football, and I smiled.
I joined Leicester in August 2019. I still remember that particular day, which was a Sunday evening.

Before then, I was never a fan of any football club especially the trending ones, I was just on my own, and the only matchs that drags my adrenaline is when Nigeria team is playing(either AFCON, WORLDCUP OR OLYMPIC).
But at a point, I felt I needed to match up with my friends, get a favorite club, and be noisy too whenever they're shouting and supporting their clubs. I thought of many clubs but these trending clubs especially from the lop list of EPL kept coming but I refused to succumb to any them

That Sunday, I and my friend were returning from a house fellowship, and we stopped by the bar to steal a glance at Chelsea vs. Leicester City's match. I was there when Ndidi scored to equalize Chelsea's goal.
I fell in love with the team's celebration, their pink-colored jersey, and the fact that it was a Nigerian that scored. It was that day that I bowed to Leicester and became a fan.

Why I like Leicester

Truthfully, my love for the club expanded whenever I saw Nigerian players making waves in the club.
Seeing Ihenacho and Ndidi in the field makes me ever ready to support and anticipate shouting whenever "we" score.
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You remember when we won the FA Cup? I posted about Leicester City on my WhatsApp status until some of my friends got tired and muted my status.

Last two years, Leicester City signed another Super Eagles striker, Ademola Lookman, who contributed well to the club until he was transferred to Atlanta.
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My love for the club pushed up to another level again when I found out that our very own Ashley Plumptre, Super Falcons Defender (Nigeria's women's senior team), is among the women's club and doing well.

Well, you may say that my love for the club grew through the presence of my country's players; yes, you're right, but as it is now, I've decided to stay put and continue to root for my club even when these people leave. Of course, I know they'll leave one day. I'm not going to be like some Barcelona fans who left for PSG because their boss left🙄.

Also, the EPL has not been on our good side this season, but I'm still there, rooting for my club.

The FA Cup that we were anticipating to emerge to the final, we also got disappointed.

In all these, I'm not moved, I'm still with the foxes.

The food thing is that I'm not getting bullied because it's not a popular club here... when we win, I celebrate, when we lose, I stay low-key... and I've been doing a major low-key this period.🤣

Thanks for reading🥰

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