The liverpool we saw in gameweek 4...

Wow. What a game week!

Arsenal is still adding more wins to their streak. Manchester City convincingly came from behind to win, again! Manchester United got th maximum point again. And... Liverpool finally got their very first win of the season.

What a win for Liverpool. The Liverpool that played in gameweek 4 is the Liverpool we want to see week-in week-out.


A lot of Liverpool fans went into the game hoping for three points but by the end of the game, the only disappointment we had is that we couldn't score up to 10 goals. Haha. What a twist.

As you already know, it has not been the best start of the season for Liverpool and we can talk about that for as long as we want, but at this very moment, I feel we just need to move on from that. It's time to look forward to more wins.

Yesterday's game against Bournemouth

That game was truly sensational, very intense and a joy to watch. I know it can be hard to admit that Liverpool is back to their best because we played the worst club in the League at the moment.

Poor old Bournemouth! They have already played against Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool in their first couple of games this season. Conceded 16 goals from those 3 fixtures without scoring any goal.

At a point in the game with Liverpool, you really can't help but feel sorry for all the stunts of Bournemouth's shot-stopper as he threw himself at everything that came his way. He faced 12 shots on target, but only managed to save 25% of those.

Below are the goalscoring stats from that game.


Firmino who is supposed to be 'a finished/useless player' proved that he still has so much to offer. The lad was unstoppable in that game. He got a hat trick of assists plus two goals.

It was also exciting to see the young lads, both Elliot and Carvalho, score their first premier league goal in a Liverpool shirt. I already know they have it in them, but I never expected to see both of them scoring in the same match. Haha.

One of the things I find funny in this whole 9 - 0 trashing of Bournemouth is that Salah was not directly or indirectly involved in any of the ghosts. No goal and no assist for the lad. Haha. He was also laughing at himself when he missed a couple of sitters.

In a nutshell, that game was exciting.

For the record, we have a mid-week fixture against Newcastle, the new giant Slayer in EPL. I can't wait to see how that game will be.

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