Liverpool 7 - 0 Man United | Did you see that coming?


It hurts, doesn't it? It hurts to watch your team get battered, outplayed and outclassed, especially when it's done by an opposition which has a long history of rivalry with your club. Thankfully, Liverpool was not the one on the receiving end of this battering. Hehe. The red blokes of Manchester decided to steal the headline and I don't envy them at all.

I'm being more empathetic in this write-up because this season hasn't been any better for Liverpool. I have learned what it's like to be walked all over by teams and I must admit it feels really good to get back to winning ways, again. It's been a while since we got such a convincing win in a game against the top-rated clubs in EPL. You can only imagine the thrill I got from watching this game.

Liverpool 7 - 0 Man United


Of all the players on the pitch, the opening goal against Man United was scored by Gakpo... the same player that Man United tried so hard to sign in the January transfer window. There is something interestingly comical about that opener. It adds salt to the injury of Man United fans.

If only they knew what was coming next...

...I also didn't see it coming. Fair play!

That was a magnificent display for Liverpool and I thoroughly enjoyed taking the piss out of United fans, but I won't naively say that the gegenpressing era of Liverpool is back. Nah! That would be a statement filled with loads of naivety. I can only enjoy each game as it comes and hope for the lads to be free from injury from now till the end of this season.

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