Chelsea, We Are We Going?


Chelsea is my favorite club but recently I am not happy with our performance. It is not the fact that we lost the match against Arsenal or the 4-1 defeat to Brighton, it is more about our method of play.

If you have been observant, you will notice that Chelsea lacks two things, first an attacking mentality. The team is not hungry for goals. This was the issue when Thomas Tuchel was the head coach and it is still an issue with Potter. The team has quality players but it is sad to see them playing like average players. Sterling seems to have lost the magic. I wonder what's his problem.

The second issue with the Chelsea team is the fact that they do not space out during play. They allow themselves to be close to each other and when they are given man-to-man marking, they can't be able to deliver good passes and break out the marking. I saw this issue with Thomas Tuchel and I was hoping that the new coach, Graham Potter will be able to correct it but this isn't the case now.
To affirm this, watch our match against Brighton and the last match against Arsenal, you will observe that Chelsea players can't deliver good passes when marked man to man. Our champions league match was a narrow escape.

To be honest, I wasn't happy with the sacking of Tuchel. The new owner might have done that to end every tie that existed with the Former Chelsea owner, and also because the coach refused some transfers he requested from him, such as the transfer of Christiano Ronaldo.
Potter might have done well with Brighton but the fact remains he isn't quite a good option to handle a team like Chelsea. He barely read matches before making changes. I was very devastated to see Sterling play 90 minutes in the Arsenal match. The fact that he has lost form isn't obvious to Potter.

If he fails to wake up on time, I doubt the probability of Chelsea qualifying for the Champions League. Again, there is no winning mentality or team spirit in the current squad. Watch Arsenal and you will see how united they are on the pitch. I hope the two losses in the league will help him strategize, lest we end up in the Europa zone.

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