Premier League: Manchester United 2 : 1 Everton

The match ended two goals to one, Manchester United had two goals and Everton had one goal, Manchester United wins the match, all the goals in the match came in the first half, the first goal was scored by Alex Iwobi, a player from Everton football. Iwobi scoring the first goal of the game was full of happiness, he rejoiced with his teammates and it didn't take long for Manchester United player Anthony to score the second goal of the game.

That's when Manchester United steeled themselves, to redeem their hope of winning the game, looking at the start of the game, it was as if Manchester United were waiting for Everton to open the game with a goal and then they could take over from there because Manchester United also scored another goal that was when, the coach of Manchester United made a change and Cristiano Ronaldo entered the game, he played a few minutes and two minutes just before the end of the first half, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the third goal of the game that makes two goals to one, two on the side of Manchester United and one on the side of Everton.

Throughout the second half of the game, there was no goal, both teams played very well but were unlucky to score, Everton did everything they could to equalize, but it turned out that it was just another game day to accept defeat, Manchester United didn't want to keep two goals either, I feel they want more than two but it was a game that didn't need more than two goals from their side.

However, Rashford, a Manchester United player, scored the fourth goals, which could make it three goals in the side of Manchester United but the goal was disallowed. It was revealed that before he scored the goal, the ball had touched somewhere in his hands, for which the VAR disqualified it. The goal I know it makes Rashford annoy to some extent but it is football and a player must abide by all the rules that govern football.

A football match is a game that promotes peace and unity, whether at the country or club level, in those days there was nothing like VAR, but today, before a decision is made, VAR have to decide what should be done. VAR is just like an external body that observes the activities of a football match, their decision also matters, that is why you see them throw in their decision and theirs is final, the players will honour it and also everyone that concern the game.

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