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After an exciting 2021 season, how about increasing the fun of following the races even more by participating in a Fantasy Formula 1 League?

The 2021 Formula 1 season, despite the controversial result, was exciting until the last lap! Because of this, and with a little assistance from the Netflix series Formula 1: Drive to Survive, more people are becoming interested in the sport.

The 2022 season, with several changes in the regulations for car development, promises to balance the teams and bring even more fighting to the track.

With fun and excitement in mind, fantasy sports are a great way to bring fans together, follow the championship more closely, and test your knowledge of the sport.

That is why I started the Hive Fantasy Formula 1 League on GridRival.

You can join the league by clicking on the link below:



GridRival claims to be "the only fantasy sports platform dedicated exclusively to motorsports, and the most in-depth fantasy motorsports manager game on the planet."

"On GridRival you will use your Formula 1 expertise to manage your fantasy team throughout the season. Earn points at each event based on the real-life performance of the drivers on your team."

How to play Fantasy Formula 1

"Your goal is to build the most effective team of drivers and constructors with the allocated budget.

Each team will start the season with £100,000,000 in fantasy cash. With this cash, you will “sign” 5 drivers and 1 constructor on contracts.

*For each event, your team will accumulate fantasy points based on the real-world performance of your team’s elements (drivers and constructor). *

*Throughout the season, you’ll be ranked against the other members in your league based on the number of points you accumulate. *

The goal is to win your league by accumulating the most points by the end of the season."

Game Rules Summary

  1. You will start with £100,000,000 in fantasy cash to build your team.
  2. You will “sign” 5 drivers and 1 constructor on contracts.
  3. A contract runs from 1 to 5 races.
  4. If a contract expires, you will need to sign a new driver or constructor.
  5. There is a penalty of 3% to release a driver or constructor before the contract expiration.
  6. Drivers and constructor salaries fluctuate from race to race, and the difference from the initial salary will be added or deducted from your team's overall value when they’re released.
  7. Your team's overall value will never go below £95,000,000.
  8. For each race, you can select a "Talent Driver". That driver will earn double points.
  9. Only drivers whose salaries are below £18M are eligible as talent drivers.
  10. The game will go into lockdown at the start of each event's qualifying session.
  11. You can't make changes on your team during the lockdown period.
  12. You can join the league even if races have already taken place. Your score will be equal to the player in the last place.

Fantasy Points & Scoring

Drivers earn Fantasy Points in six ways:

  1. Race finish position.
  2. Qualifying position.
  3. Overtake points - net positions gained.
  4. Improvement points - for finishing above the average position of the last 8 races.
  5. Beating Teammate.
  6. Completion Points - 4 stages: 25%, 50%, 75% and 90% of total planned laps completed.

Constructors earn Fantasy Points in two ways:

  1. Race finish position.
  2. Qualifying position.

You can read more details of the rules in the links below:

Prizes Distribution

After each race, I will do a follow-up post about the results.

All the HBD that the follow-up post earns will be converted to rewards as follows:

  1. 50% will make up the prize pool for the end of the season.
  2. The other 50% will be split between the 3 teams that scored the most points in the last race.

The prize pool will be split as follows:

  • 1st Place: 60%
  • 2nd Place: 25%
  • 3rd Place: 15%

In case of a tie, the prize will be distributed equally between the teams. For example, if two teams tie for first place, they will share, equally, the prize money reserved for first and second place.

To be eligible to win the prizes, you will need to inform your username on the HIVE Blockchain in the league chat of the GridRival app.

Only one team per Hive Blockchain account will be allowed.


The time until the next event is short. The Bahrain GP already takes place next Sunday.

We will try to reach a minimum of 20 players by the start of qualifying practice on Saturday.

If we don't reach this number, I will delete this league and create another one to start at the Saudi Arabia GP. That way, people will have more time to join the league.

Remember, even if you see this post after the Bahrain GP, you can still join the league. You will start with the same initial budget of £100,000,000 and the same score as the last place in the league.

To limit the league to Hive users only, it will only be possible to join via link. We can later discuss making the league public.

Fantasy sports are more enjoyable, with a bigger number of participants.

Therefore, if you've reached this post, please share and reblog it to guarantee that it reaches a wider audience and that we have a league with more participants and fun.

If you are interested in sponsoring the league prize pool, please contact me.

Let's have fun with the 2022 Formula 1 season. Click on the link below and build your team!

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