Buying more sport tokens... And why?

Hey #sportstalk lovers!

I’ve been increasing my #sport token holdings in the past few months slowly because I see great potential for the front end.

As it was explained in my last post about hive-engine opportunities Here there is much more to unfold around the sportstalk community once we start growing the network exponentially.

So I’m buying more...

If anyone is willing to see feel free to feel up my order...


One more time appreciation to my friend @sandymeyer who helped me discover more about a few months back...

Yesterday I was talking with my friend about the inside tokens we have around the #hive blockchain, so I decided to get some more of those until they are still cheap.

And yes I got some more since yesterday...


That brings the account @bulgaria-sports up to 17,000,000 sport power + the delegations.


Delegation to @bulgaria-sports is highly appreciated and if you delegate more than 100,000 sports tokens you can receive an upvote as well.

Keep in mind account is focused on the creation of sports tokens among the Bulgarian community and more on people that stake and delegate their sports, so we can have a more staked supply overall at the end of the day.



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