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Hello sports talk community, I am glad the community has put up this contest this week. Writing about football and sport-related subjects has always been fun for me and I am happy to share my entry for the first contest in the community. It is no news that everyone who knows me in this community knows FC Barcelona is my favorite club. I have been a fan of FC Barcelona since 2006 and what made me fall in love with the club was because of my dad, Ronaldinho, and Messi.


Ronaldinho was my favorite player back when he was in Barcelona. I can remember how the Brazilian loved dribbling with the ball and was a skillful player, he won the Ballon d'Or as an FC Barcelona player and also pave the way for the greatest footballer of all time Leo Messi, both players were inseparable at the club and Ronaldinho took Messi like his younger brother, Ronaldinho was the one who assisted Messi to score his first senior club goal on 1st of May 2005.

Barcelona has been a club of opportunities and their famous La Masia academy has produced a lot of talent for the club, players like Pique, Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, Busquet, Carles Puyol, and many others came out from Barcelona academy and today we are still seeing young talented players from La Masia making their way to the first team. Apart from La Masia producing great players, some players also came into the club and made history, Luis Suarez, Eto, Neymar, Rakitic, and others made history when they came to FC Barcelona.


The Catalan Giant( FC Barcelona nickname) has won a lot of trophies over the past years, Barcelona has won 26 La Liga titles, 5 Uefa Champions League trophies, 3 Fifa Club World Cup trophies, 31 Copa Del Rey trophies, and many more. FC Barcelona is not just known for their trophies alone, they are also known for playing beautiful football on the pitch and are also known for playing the famous tiki taka which had been a big problem for rivals over the years.

Top managers like Johan Cruyff, Luis Enrique, Pep Guardiola, and Roman Koman have both played and coached for the club. Johan Cruyff will forever be remembered as a legend at the club, Cruyff was the first Barcelona manager to win the Champions League for the club. Pep Guardiola has won several La Liga titles and two champions league as the club manager, Luis Enrique has also won several Spanish domestic titles and one Champions League, Koman was not that successful as a manager for Barca but he won the Copa Del Rey trophy during his coaching time at the club.

This present day the club is under the management of another legend Xavi Hernandez, the former midfielder is on the verge of leading the club to their first La Liga title in four years since the departure of Leo Messi. FC Barcelona will always be the club of opportunities and I am happy to be supporting one of the greatest clubs in the history of football. So guys thanks for stopping by and good luck in the contest.

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