Luis Suarez Vs Karim Benzema


There is this debate on Twitter that I find fascinating and today I will like to share my thoughts on it. Luis Suarez Vs Benzema has for some time now flooded the internet with two different fanbases arguing about who is the better striker, in my own opinion I will choose Luis Suarez not just because he is a former Barca player but because of the quality he brings on the pitch.

Benzema is a great player, winning the Ballon d'Or last season was a huge success for the Frenchman who was under the shadow of Ronaldo for many seasons in La Liga. Last season for Benzema was his best season, leading his team to be crowned La Liga champions, Uefa Champions League winners, and Fifa Club World Cup winners.

Benzema was also the highest goalscorer last season in La Liga and UCL but here is the twist, Benzema was the highest goalscorer in La Liga for one reason there was no competition. Messi, Ronaldo, and Luis Suarez battled for that position during their time in La Liga, Benzema was sidelined until the 18/19 season after Ronaldo departed from Real Madrid and still Benzema did not reach that first spot because Messi continued to dominate in every season till he left for PSG in 2021.

This season proves my statement because Benzema is not one of the top three highest goal scorers in La Liga this season, and that's because of Lewandoski's presence in the league. Luis Suarez was special during his time in La Liga, his goal-scoring ability was top notch and he competed with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo for the Golden boot which he won in 2014.

Luis Suarez was even among the top three finalists for the Ballon door in an era where Messi and Ronaldo both dominated. I am 100 percent sure Luis Suarez would have won a Ballon d'Or if Messi and Ronaldo were not in the picture.


Benzema joined Real Madrid in 2009 and when I checked his El Clasico stats he has scored 12 goals alone in all his appearances against Barcelona, while Luis Suarez joined Barcelona in 2014 and has scored 11 goals in all his appearances against Real Madrid, so it save to say if Suarez had joined Barca earlier he would have scored more goals in El Clasico.

There is no doubt Luis Suarez is better but the only thing keeping Benzema ahead is his Ballon d'Or award. So guys this is where I stop but I would like to get your opinion on who is the better player between Luis Suarez and Benzema. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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