My hive fpl Gameweek 3 report

I can't help not wondering why my decisions seem to be wrong in the 3 Gameweeks we had so far. The first week it was the goalkeeper choice and last week it was switching Dasilva out for Bailey, and also sticking to Rashford.

As I explained in my previous FPL-related article, I swapped Bailey for Dasilva a few minutes before the transfer window for Gameweek 2 ended. I took this decision because most managers picked Bailey. Seeing it on Twitter made me take the decision. Dasilva went on to score and got 8 points while Bailey got one. As the popular saying goes "once beaten twice shy". Ahead of Gameweek 3, I benched Bailey and in came Dasilva. Unfortunately, Dasilva got just a point while Bailey got 5 points.

Another decision haunting me is selling Rashford. I had faith in him and knew it was a matter of time before he gets his scoring boot back. However, I ran out of patience when he got a yellow card in addition to a "not so good performance" against Brentford. In anger, I transferred him out but tonight he scored his first goal.

These two events are similar to the same situations that happened last season. I had Harry Kane for weeks but he kept firing blank. The week I got tired and shipped him out, he scored a hattrick or an assist and a goal, I can’t remember well, but I can remember the pain I felt. The same goes for Vardy. Towards the end of the season, I got him and captained him. 5 minutes before the closure of the transfer window I took the captain handband from him and gave a defender. Vardy scored 2 and I was left to rue my decision. Swapping out Pogba at the die in Gameweek 1 last season is another decision I can't forget.

I take solace in the belief that I'm not the only one constantly making these costly decisions. But if I'm the only one or one of the few who do, I will need to find a way to turn it into money. Maybe ask players to pay for me to bench them or transfer them out. Lol

Overall Gameweek 3 is another average outing. I got a total of 50 points. Just a little anovr the worldwide average.

My keeper Mendy conceded 3 goals, with one of them being as a result of his incompetency. Maybe it's high time I changed my keeper to my normal choice- Ederson.

Image source: Screenshot from my fpl app

My defence looks like a binary note save Perisic who got the assist to Harry Kane’s goal, for the second time this season. Arnold is yet to have a good outing this season, a replica of Liverpool’s season so far. It's been awful. Cancelo surprisingly got Zero points. Though I knew Newcastle was going to pose a strong strength to Man city I wasn't expecting what happened. James got 1 point, a Gameweek his team will want to forget quickly.

In the middle of the park. Things weren’t that bad. Despite losing Captain Salah got 8 points (X2 =16). I celebrated his goal like I was a Liverpool fan. But my FPL was the reason for the celebration. Luis Diaz didn't continue from where he stopped last week. He got 2 points. Dasilva, as I mentioned earlier, got a point and thankfully, Martinelli was on fire for Arsenal, he got 6 points.

In front in have Jesus and Haaland. I was debating whether to captain any of the two instead of Salah. I went for Salah and I almost regretted it until Salah pulled one back for Liverpool against Manchester United tonight. Jesus continued his fine form, starting Arsenal’s first goal and also assisting the second. His goal got ruled out as offside but he managed to get 4 points. Halland on the other hand scored a goal and hit the goal post, he got 6 points and I don't regret captaining Salah.

Though the Table hasn't been computed, I can tell that I'm down a few positions on the hive fpl. I currently hold the 24th position temporarily pending the addition of the points from tonight's match and will go higher when that is done, but I know I'm below last week's 13th position. Hopefully, Gameweek 4 will be better and I won't take any decision that will boomerang this time around.

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