Jordan Poole,The New Splash Brothers In GSW !?

Hey, I'm back with NBA news, this time talking about Jordan Poole who has just shown his qualities as a three-pointer in the Golden State Warriors.

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The new Splash Brother

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Previously the Splash brothers at GSW were Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, both of whom became the GSW club's unrivaled three-pointer. at GSW apart from Stephen Curry. Will Jordan Poole be the new splash brother member on the GSW team, if Klay Thompson returns to play then GSW will be even more exciting to watch. We'll see how well Jordan Poole will play, I'm sure Jordan Poole can become a Splash Brother new to GSW and could be a candidate for Sixth Man Of The Year or Most Improved Player later!!. Who knows??

Confidence makes him better


When basketball players are confident, there will be a lot of new skills that were previously invisible, eventually, appear one by one. That's what I noticed from Poole in this preseason. Confidence makes him much more explosive & no fear. We'll see if he can mix between playing on the perimeter or driving into the interior. Moreover, he learned from Stephen Curry, I saw him if there was a little space to shoot, well...let it fly. And also learn from Curry, so that the game is not monotonous to shoot three points, he also often drives in with his speed and athleticism. This is important! so players don't be monotonous.

Break the Three-Point Shooting Record in his career

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Last Wednesday Jordan Poole played very impressively on the field by helping the GSW team win over the Charlotte Hornets with a score of 114 -92, where Jordan Poole was the top scorer in the match with 31 points, 7 3 PM (Point Made), and 4 Steals. Jordan Poole set the highest record to make three points in one match made by Jordan Poole (Career-High), and also Jordan Poole became the best player in that match. This victory put GSW on a 6-1 record and lead the NBA standings in the western conference . If Jordan Poole's game is consistent, then GSW will be dangerous for the other team.

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