Would Arsenal woeful performance end today???

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Arsenal is one of the teams I love to watch growing up, Henry and Van Persie's style of play gives me so much excitement that I always wish they could join my favorite team but things as gone terrible for the North London side.

Their games ain't fun watching anymore because I do get disappointed watching the matches, they had a terrible time in the previous season and it was so bad that they couldn't make it to any Uefa competition.

I am not writing this article to mock the team, I just couldn't hold back my thoughts about the team this morning.

The 2021/22 season started terribly for them as well because they are yet to get even a point after three matches.

Brentford vs Arsenal

This was one game many thought Arsenal would have taken as a bonus since the side was a nearly promoted team but we were wrong.

They went out there and conceded twice without even scoring a goal. It was embarrassing for a top side in the league to be thrashed by a newcomer.

We thought there would be changes in the next match but it didn't get better.

Arsenal vs Chelsea

Arsenal didn't make any difference against their London rival and it ended badly at the Emirates Stadium.

They lost 2-0 again to Chelsea and from that point, I knew the team came into the new season with preparation. They went on to continue their woeful performance in the next match.

Manchester City vs Arsenal

City didn't hesitate to oppress Arsenal at the Etihad and Xhaka red card worsen the situation.

They conceded five against the league champions, I wasn't expecting anything better after I have seen them played in their last two games. The loss sent them straight to the bottom on the leg table with 3 losses and a -9 goal difference.

What to expect today?

Arsenal vs Norwich city

Arsenal will host Norwich later today in the English Premier League and I am sure of who to place my bet on but I have seen people predict Arsenal to victory and I wouldn't want to make the same mistake I made with them against Brentford.

Norwich last got a victory against Arsenal in 2012 and they will be looking forward to breaking the spell. The Gunners have won their last five matches and drawn two in their last seven meetings.

I see people blaming the coach but I think the team problem is a lot bigger than that, the team needs new legs that can make a huge impact on the team.

What do you expect from the team today against Norwich City?

Image source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58289653

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